Samurai’s Garden

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Transcript Samurai’s Garden

 What qualities do gardens require to flourish?
 Care, Tenderness, Nurturing, and Love
 Humans = Gardens?
 Matsu’s relationships run parallel with his gardens
Storm ruins his garden…friendship with Kenzo is ruined
 “I remember a time when you told me working in my garden
would give me back my life.” (56)
 Beauty exists everywhere…even in unlikely places!
 Sachi’s appearance and dry garden
 Amidst the war in China, Stephen finds love and care in Tarumi
 Who is the Samurai in the novel?
 Boshido code
 Honor
 Courage
 Matsu?
 Protects Sachi and is the hero of Yamaguchi
 Teaches Stephen honor and courage
 Disgraces himself with Kenzo
 Stephen?
 Stands up to his father
 Is selfless when it comes to Yamaguchi and Sachi
 Understands and supports family/Keiko
Leprosy and War
 How are they similar?
 Destruction
 Separates loved ones
 Pain
 Casualties
 Possible reasons Tsukiyama uses these metaphors?
 Connection between Sachi and Stephen
Loneliness, Illness, and Beauty
 Solidify Matsu as the “Samurai” of the story
 He mediates the war to Stephen and leprosy to Sachi
 Explain how war is the new leprosy
 Stephen is now afflicted with the disease of war