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Transcript PPT on American Identity Unit the_american_identity_unit

The American Identity Unit
 To help prepare your for
the Synthesis Essay on
the APLaC Exam.
 To help you understand
how to synthesize texts
on the JRP.
 To comprehend and
apply the Toulmin Model.
 To explore issues of
Americaness and
American Identity.
 Who decides and what
constitutes a school
 What does it mean to be
a valedictorian or the
best in your class?
 What constitutes school?
Is school even
Gender Issues
 What does it mean to be
masculine or feminine?
 Should men and women
be treated the same or
 How does the media
affect our understanding
what it means to be
masculine or feminine?
The Immigrant Experience
 What is the American
 Is it still relevant today?
 How do immigrants
shape American society?
 How does American
society shape
Toulmin Model
 The Toulmin Model is an
analysis tool that takes a
360 degree look at an
 The Liu Method,
SOAPSToneR, and Close
Reading look at the
Music of an argument.
 The Toulmin Model
examines the
assumptions and
unstated claims that an
argument poses.
Synthesis Prep
 As a way to help you
prepare for the Synthesis
Essay on the APLaC
exam, you will be
completing a Synthesis
Prep Sheet in class.
 We will be shifting from
synthesizing 3 texts, to 4
texts, to 6 texts to help
you prep for the
Summative Essay at the
end of the unit.
A Note about the Final
 The Final for the Semester
in APLaC will be your JRP:
1. Essay
2. Oral Defense
o However……
On the day of Finals, you will
have the two hour block to
complete a practice Multiple
Choice Exam and the
Summative Synthesis Essay
for this unit.
 The Summative Synthesis
Essay will be entered in
the grade book for 2nd
Some Texts Examined
 “I Know Why the Caged
Bird Cannot Read” –
Francine Prose
 “Best in Class” – Margaret
 “Let Teenagers Try
Adulthood”–Leon Botstein
 “There is No Unmarked
Woman”– Deborah Tannen
 “Mind over Muscle” –
David Brooks
 “Always Living in Spanish”
– Marjorie Agosin
 “Mother Tongue” – Amy
Formative and Summative
1. Close Reading – Beats
2. Supplemental Reading:
Close Reading and Practice
Argumentative Essay
3. Synthesis Prep
4. Socratic Seminar
5. Toulmin Model Worksheets
6. Practice Multiple Choice
7. “Avalon” Study Guide
8. Study Questions from The
Language of Composition
1. In-Class Synthesis Essay
Please Stand for Think on
Your Feet