April Weather

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April Weather
A Poetry Presentation
By: Emma Cardiff
There’s a rain drop dance
‘till the sky turns blue.
And the sun,
Plays hide and seek with you,
Hide and seek with you.
The wind speaks ever and ever so loud.
Puddles are mirrors for tree and cloud.
Colored marbles appear once more
And children go skipping from door to door.
I see that nobody’s hair is neat
As I chase hat along the street.
This poem is a song. The words and music were
written by Violet Archer who is a Canadian
I don’t think that this poem does have a lot
of depth to it. Violet Archer simply wrote it
as a way to express how she felt about the
month of April. The music that goes along
with this poem is amazing and you can
hear the raindrops falling with staccato
notes. I don’t think every poem is meant to
be taken apart and analyzed down to the
core, it takes away from the beauty of it.
Critique Paragraph
This poem doesn’t use a lot of figurative language.
But two examples are “Puddles are mirrors”
which, of course, is a metaphor and “the wind
speaks ever and ever so loud” which is
personification of the wind. I really liked this
poem as a song and when I concentrated on the
words I found I liked them even more. I chose
this poem because I figure if I liked it so much
then I can share it with someone else and they
can love it too.
Why do you think the poet chose to
repeat the phrase “hide and seek with
you” twice right after each other?
Because this poem was written as a
song there are no stanzas. How would
you split the poem up into stanzas?
Do you agree with the point of view Violet
Archer as on April? Why or Why not?
4) Do you think this poem is about April in
Calgary? Why or Why not?
5) What place do you think this poem is
talking about? **keep in mind Violet Archer
is Canadian**