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Erie, Pennsylvania
AOA National Convention
New Orleans, LA
November 1, 2009
President: Allison E. Giles, OMSII
Sigma Sigma Phi’s
 Positively impact the community at large through
service projects and charitable fundraisers
 Strengthen the presence and awareness of
Osteopathy in the local community
 Promote fellowship amongst the student body and
continue the scholastic standing of its members
and its colleagues
How we succeed in our
 Bi-annual Blood Drives
 Benefit Events  Bake sales and other fundraisers
 Service Projects at the House of Healing, a local
women’s shelter
 Collaborative community service events with
 Monthly Meetings
Bi-Annual Blood Drives
 September 2007  over 26 units of blood
 April 2009  49 units of blood!
 Collaborative effort with Community Blood Bank
of Erie, PA
 Held at LECOM campus every spring and fall for
the past 5 years
 SSP orchestrates the donations of students,
faculty, staff and community, and works in
concert with the blood bank to ensure efficient
The Blood Mobile
LECOM Ambassadorship
 Tri-weekly interview panels from October through
 2-3 SSP members eat lunch with the interviewing
students and answer any questions they may have
 Other events include furthering LECOM in the
House of Healing
 Shelter that offers a positive alternative environment
for incarcerated women and their children
 SSP offers financial support raised through
fundraising events  Bake sales
 Holiday dinners and events  Christmas,
Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter
 Past and future events including general
maintenance, arts and crafts projects, and much
SSP and House of Healing
Easter Dinner
• Helped prepare and
serve Easter dinner
for House of Healing
• Organized games
including bunny
bowling, ball relays, and
egg races
SSP and House of Healing
Easter Dinner
Relay for Life!
Other collaborative events
 Pennsylvania’s International Coastal Cleanup
 Walk to Cure Diabetes
 Walk to Cure Breast Cancer
 Wellsville community health projects
**Most club presidents are members of SSP**
SSP Monthly Meetings
 General club meeting the fourth Monday of every
month to discuss upcoming events and promote
fellowship amongst student colleagues
 Members must participate in community service
and fundraising events as part of their SSP
Final Thoughts…
 It is with great enthusiasm that we remain steadfast
in our efforts as we continually grow and evolve to
meet the perpetually changing needs of our student
colleagues and the community at large.
SSP Gamma Chapter Executive Board LECOM
Thank You!