Cooling of Compact Stars

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Transcript Cooling of Compact Stars

Cooling of Hybrid Neutron Stars
Hovik Grigorian
Yerevan State University
Dubna, JINR
Cooling of Hybrid Neutron Stars
Schematic introduction of simulations
Cooling processes in QM
Crust, SC Gaps and ...
Time Evolution of Surface Temperature
Constraints from Observations
Summary & Discussion
Phase Diagram & Cooling
Structure and stability of NS
DU constraint
Hybrid Configurations
HS with different structure
Cooling Mechanism
SC pairing gaps
Crust Model
Surface Temperature & Age
Cooling of light stars Models
Some Anomalies
The most of pathologies of hadronic stars are descendible
Patalogies of hadronic stars are descendible
Why DU is a problem?
Temperature in the Star
Temperature Age – LogN LogS
Hybrid Stars Cooling
Cooling of HS with Single
flavor QM
How to distinguish the different
types of Hybrid star models from
cooling evolution?
Could the Mass
Distribution of
NSs be
exstracted from
the cooling
Extracted Mass Distribution
Cooling of NSs is one of testing schemes for
High density matter EoS
Mass distribution of NS is extracted from the
cooling model
Cooling data allowed existence of HS even
with one flaver QM
DU can be consided as a problem
Open Questions & Discussian
Do Hybrid NSs an alternative or the solution
of problems of compact stars?
 Do for all constraints exist a valid HNS
 Can magnetic field and surface heating
modify the main conclusions on cooling of NS?
 Is the mass distribution of NSs an