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Information Technology Services and Solutions
• Todd Scot, MCSE 2003, MCSE 2000:Messaging,
– Assistant Director for Information Technology
Services and SOLUTIONS
• [email protected]
• Chris Bransford, N+, MCP
– Systems Administrator for Information
Technology Services and SOLUTIONS
• [email protected]
ITSS Staff
Jason Bradley
Chris Bransford
Joe Martin
Mike Curatolo
John Mott (Outsourced database
Our definition of a portal
One site with different views based on users role
Active Directory Integrated
Push technologies
Audience Targeting
Document control capabilities
Collaborative document workspaces
Extensive search capabilities
Content Management capabilities
Remote access
Personal “My Site”
Office 2003 Integration
Single Sign On
Microsoft SQL Server
Builds a sense of community
Disconnected Silos and pods of data
Feeding three disconnected Web
One connected data silo feeding two
connected web sites
Main Topics
One site with different views
Data warehouse/ data views
My Site
Content management
Enterprise Search
Remote Access
Single Sign-on
One site with different views based
on users role
• Audience targeting enabled us to
customize an experience for the user
based on their role by pushing relevant
news, links, documents, and applications.
• Targeting Content
– Based on audiences (AD Groups)
Web Parts
Active Directory Integrated
• Leverage already established AD users
and groups infrastructure.
– Minimal increase in administrative overhead.
• Microsoft wants you to start paying more
attention to the "Save As" command. Instead of
the usual habit of saving documents to a hard
drive, Microsoft wants you to place them in
server-based collaborative "work spaces" that
can be accessed by multiple people. Such
document sharing is one of the main ideas
behind SharePoint
• Document Control
– Version History
– Check-in/Check-out
– Approval
• “Alerts”
• “Presence”
– Real-time collaboration
• Ad-hoc WSS workgroup site creation
• Office 2003 Integration
– Support for SharePoint sites, including the ability to save documents to
a public work space with a flick of the Save As command, is built into
Office 2003
• Outlook 2003 Integration
– Integrated workspace creation
“Alert” Sources
Push Technologies
• Relevant information finds you!
– Search results
– Portal Content
• News
• Links
• Sites
– Documents
What’s Next for Collaboration?
• “Further down the road, SharePoint's role is
likely to morph again, said Peter Pawlak, an
analyst at research firm Directions on Microsoft.
That will occur, as functions for managing
common documents and other types of content
are embedded into the WinFS file management
system used by Longhorn, the next version of
» By David Becker
Data Warehouse
SQL Diagram
PECO Reports
• PEco
VULS Directory 4/12/2004
Administrators 4/22/2004
Faculty 4/22/2004
Adjunct Faculty 4/22/2004
Distribution List 4/22/2004
Visiting Faculty 4/22/2004
VU People Finder
• peCO
My Schedule (Beta)
Upper Class Schedule (Beta)
First Year Schedule (Beta)
Tentative Class List (Beta)
Electives Class List (Beta)
• My Info
– Self managed
• Oasis Courses
• Calendars
– Outlook Enabled events and classes
• i-Calendar
– Phase II sync
My Site
Office 2003 Integrated
Private and public Document storage
“set as office default website”
Targeted Items
News for you
Links for you
Course Schedule
My Subscriptions
Class dates and times
Outlook Enabled
Project collaboration
Site creation
Page Creation
Push Technologies
• Subscriptions
– “Alerts”
• Email
• Alert Summary
Content Management
Student Departments
Student Organizations
My Sites
News posting
Targeted Links posting
ITSS staff
Enterprise Search
• Searches
– Title
– Metadata
– Contents
• All Office applications
• Any file type with ifilter
– .PDF
– .ZIP
– .WPD
Extensive Search
• Content Sources
– Portal Content
– External Web Sites
• HR
– Network Shares
• P:/
People, My Sites
Tech Training
Exchange public folders
• Search Scopes
• Search Alerts
Best Bets
• Assign keywords to specific content
– Shows up at the top of the search results
Remote Access
• No VPN
• Webdav access to network drives
• HTTPS network places
– Office Integration
• Open
• Save
• Email
– OWA (Single Sign-on)
• HTML Viewer
• In their most basic form, ePortfolios allow
students to securely store, publish (i.e., display)
and update their creative work on a university's
Web site. For instance, an architecture student
can display his designs and schematics, a
computer animator can post her short films, and
a music major can publish his unique
arrangements. As they interview for internships,
career opportunities, or graduate schools, these
students can direct potential employers and
admissions personnel to their respective online
• More than mere Web sites, ePortfolios also are complex
data management systems. When properly designed using
such standards as eXtensible Markup Language (XML),
ePortfolios can interact with course management systems,
HR systems, and enterprise resource planning (ERP)
applications. In other words, ePortfolio sites can securely
gather student grades, professor names, evaluation
comments, and other content, providing a complete 360degree view of a student's academic record to approved site
– Joseph C. Panettieri is editorial director at New York Institute of
Technology ( He has covered Silicon Valley since
1992 for InformationWeek, Ziff Davis Internet, and others.
Single Sign On
Single sign-on allows you to store and map account
credentials. This prevents users from having to sign on
again when portal-based applications retrieve
information from business applications, such as thirdparty enterprise resource planning and customer
relations management (CRM) systems. By using single
sign-on, you can centralize information from multiple
back-end applications through a single portal that uses
application definitions. By using application definitions,
you can minimize and automate the sign-on process to
these applications in a more secure environment. In
addition, SharePoint Portal Server provides an easy
interface for developers to create and extend this
Single Sign-on
• SQL Web parts
• Web sites
– OAK(Blackboard)
Server Farm
Dell PowerEdge 1650
1.4 Ghz Xeon Processor
72GB RAID5 Array
Roles: Web Front-End, Search
Dell PowerEdge 4600
Dual 2.8 Ghz Xeon Processors
36GB RAID1 Mirror (OS & Apps)
73GB RAID1 Mirror (Tran Logs)
219GB RAID5 Array (SQL DB)
Cisco PIX
Roles: Web Front-End, Search,
Job Server, Index Server
Desktop User
Laptop User
TabletPC User
• PC
– IE 5.5 / IE 6.0
– Netscape 6.x
• Macintosh
– OS X
– Mozilla
Information Technology Services and Solutions