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National Framework Agreement for Telecare
Presentation by:
Paddy Howlin
Category Manager - Mobility and Telecare
CSIP Housing Learning Improvement Network Meetings
Overview of NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency
Background and origins of the national framework agreement
Scope of the telecare national framework agreement
Suppliers and range of services provided (including sub-contractors and third parties)
How the NFA operates and how to access
Benefits and savings opportunities
NFA Awareness Days – November 2006
Overview of NHS PASA
The NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency (NHS PASA):
formerly NHS Supplies
formed on 1 April 2000
an executive agency of the Department of Health
policy lead on procurement
Offices in Chester, Reading, Normanton and Sheffield
The Agency’s Aim:
‘Modernise and improve the performance of the NHS purchasing and supply system to
become the centre of expertise, knowledge and excellence on matters of purchasing and
supply for the NHS for the benefit of patients and the public’
Background and origins of the
Telecare NFA
The NHS PASA Telecare National Framework Agreement (NFA) was established
Support the issue of the £80m Preventative Technology (PT) Grant
announced in July 2004
Support DH vision for the development of Telecare services – Building
Telecare in England – July 2005
Delivery of policy through procurement
‘Our health, our care, our say‘- White Paper
Contribute to wider health, housing and social care agenda i.e. National
Service Frameworks, NHS System reform, new vision for adult social care
Gershon Efficiency Programme
Mechanism to procure telecare effectively and efficiently during and post PT
Develop a single ‘public sector’ market place for industry
Organisations who can
access Telecare NFA: Part A
The following organisations can access the NFA Part A:
All NHS bodies (including acute,
community and primary care trusts,
CPH’s, SMC’s etc)
Non departmental bodies charged with
the delivery of health/social
Government Departments
Social Services/social care
Community Equipment Services
Local Authorities (inc Regional Centres
of Excellence)
Housing associations/organisations
Voluntary/charitable organisations
Independent sector providers (i.e. third
Any equivalent organisations as
previously stated in the Home
Scope of Products on NFA
Part A
The following 11 product modalities* form the basis of the equipment element
of the NFA Part A:
Equipment to assist in reducing
accidents and incidents in the home
Home activity, lifestyle and
environmental monitoring
Integrated systems for telecare and
Community (social) alarms
Blood pressure monitoring
Blood glucose monitoring
Cardiac arrhythmia monitors
Asthma monitors
Home personal medical assistant
Integrated health monitors
Medication reminder systems
*based on Appraisal of the scope of Assistive Technologies - November 2005
Scope of Services
The following service elements are included within the scope of NFA
Part A:
Installation Services - installation of equipment, training, battery replacement
and de-installation
Maintenance Services – including standard repair, preventative and planned
Response Services – including control centre/monitoring and response
NFA Suppliers and range of
Equipment Modalities
Geographical Coverage
Sub-contracting and strategic
alliances via NFA
How the framework operates
Users of the NFA can select any of the suppliers that will help deliver local
Call off orders and service level arrangements are agreed against the NFA
between users and suppliers
Users of the NFA will still be required to undertake ‘duty of care’ checks on
equipment and services procured from the NFA to ensure their suitability and
Further leverage and savings opportunities can be achieved by developing
collaborative/joined up procurement between organisations via discounts
provided by suppliers
List of telecare products, equipment and services is available to users of the
NFA via the NHS E-Catalogue (NHS-E-cat)
Benefits to the users of the
NFA (1)
Transparency – consistent pricing, with a national pricing structure established
Product and service – a comprehensive range of products and services are
now available from 15 suppliers via the NFA
Supporting existing systems and innovative solutions – the NFA includes
existing Telecare/Community Alarm products and innovative Telehealth
Savings – by collating public sector buying power, improved terms and pricing
has been achieved (bottom line average savings up of 13.9%)
Further savings opportunities are available via discounts and price breaks
negotiated via the NFA – subject to commitment and use of the agreement
Benefits to the users of the
NFA (2)
Efficiency (1) – NFA established so Local Authorities, Health, Housing etc do
not need to undertake their own EU procurement/sourcing activity
Efficiency (2) - Supports the ‘once only’ principal and ensure that suppliers
within the market do not need to increase product prices to cover future
overhead costs for responding to local tenders
No charges – there are no user costs applicable for using the NFA
Avoid delays - in implementing the PT grant, ensuring users and those in
need to telecare/telehealth benefit quickly
NFA Awareness Days (1)
To help promote the NFA to social care, local authorities, health and housing
organisations, NHS PASA is arranging 2 NFA Awareness Days
Events will take place in November in the London and Leeds
Aim and objectives of the Awareness Days:
To provide an overview of the Telecare NFA Part A and how organisations can
access the agreement
Demonstrate the benefits of the Telecare NFA Part A
Outline how the NFA Part A supports DH policy for Building Telecare in England
Opportunity to meet all suppliers participating within the Telecare NFA Part A
NFA Awareness Days (2)
London – Russell Hotel – Tuesday 14 November 2006
Leeds – Elland Road Football Stadium – Thursday 23 November 2006
Full programme and outline will be issued in September 06 via
Pre-registration currently taking place – if interested in attending the events,
e-mail: [email protected]
If registering, include the following information:
Name of delegate(s)
Contact details
Venue/date delegate seeks to attend
Further Information
Paddy Howlin – Category Manager
Tel: 01244 586 816
E Mail: [email protected]
Andy Gudgeon – Category Specialist
Tel: 07775 777 943
E Mail: [email protected]
Updated information will also be available on the PASA website (detailed
information pack is also available from website):