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Resuscitation Council ( UK ) Approved Course
Immediate Life Support (ILS) 2015
Friday 30th January
Tuesday 17th February
Friday 6th March & Friday 20th March
Monday 20th April
Friday 1st May & Monday 6th May
Monday 29th June
Wednesday 1st July
Monday 7th September & Wednesday 23rd September
Monday 12th October & Friday 30th October
Wednesday 11th November & Monday 23rd November
Friday 4th December & Tuesday 15th December
Resuscitation Education Skills & Training Room, Ground Floor, Trust
Headquarters via Post Graduate Education Centre, ESH
Course Fee:
Trust Medical Staff £50
Further information / application forms :
Bernadette Lee, Senior Resuscitation Officer
Lizzie Alton, Resuscitation Officer
Debbie Beaton, Administration Assistant
East Surrey Hospital Redhill Surrey RH1 5RH
Tel: 01737 768511 # 6855
Email: [email protected]
Course Objectives:
The Immediate Life Support (ILS) course aims to provide healthcare professionals with
the requisite knowledge and skills to:
• Perform a structured ABCDE approach that facilitates rapid
recognition of the seriously ill patient;
• Recognise the seriously ill patient and initiate appropriate treatment
interventions to prevent cardiorespiratory arrest;
• Treat patients in respiratory or cardiorespiratory arrest until the
arrival of a resuscitation team or more experienced assistance;
• Prepare to become members of a cardiac arrest team
Target Audience:
The ILS course will address the needs of Medical and Nursing staff who need more
advanced skills than those taught during basic life support (BLS), but who do not
require the more comprehensive two day Advanced Life Support (ALS) course.