Welcome to Year 6

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Transcript Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to the Year 5 Parent
Information Meeting
Mr Russell Price – Head Teacher
Miss Claire Hammond – Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs Hart (5H) – Maths Subject Leader
Mr Chris Jones (5J) – PSHE Subject Leader
Mr George Lumley (5L) – Year 5 Teacher
Mr Ben Silva – PE Subject Leader
Mrs Emma Ecobichon – Year 5 Maths Set Teacher
Aims of the evening
• To raise awareness of routines and expectations in
Year 5
• To inform you of the curriculum content
• To reinforce and outline the importance of the school
and parent relationship and co-operation
• To maximize learning opportunities and ensure that
your son makes the most of this very important year at
• To raise awareness about our trip to Bude 7th -12th
June 2015
Major events
Town walk – Next week
Harbour Gallery Trip – 6th October
Parent/teacher meeting – Week beginning 21st October
Reading Week - Week beginning 21st October
War Tunnel Trip – 21/22/23 October
The Great Warrior workshop – 25th November
French Eisteddfod – 1st December
States Chamber – Spring Term (Date TBC)
Bude – 7th – 12th June
Safety in Action – July (Date TBC)
Reading and Writing
• In Literacy and in other curricular areas, a variety of
genres of writing will be covered, focussing on VCOP
(Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers, Punctuation) and
Alan Peat writing techniques.
• Reading is covered across the curriculum and
focuses on comprehension, inferential and deductive
• Spelling – accurate copying of words provided is
encouraged. Personalised Spelling Progammes are
reviewed through the year
• Handwriting – By the end of Year 5 we expect the
boys to be writing with ink pens in a joined, fluent
style. Ink pens/ handwriting pens need to have blue
washable ink in them (no biros)
• We are following the New 2014 Curriculum
using Abacus Active Learn as the main
framework but we include many other
approaches to supplement it.
• 4 differentiated sets – (Mrs Hart, Mr Lumley,
Mrs Ecobichon, Mr Jones)
• Mental maths (tables, doubling/halving,
money, measures, time and time tables and
the associated facts)
• Homework – please encourage your son to
share his methods with you. Do not be
tempted to teach a method they are unfamiliar
• Change of sets
• In science the following areas
will be covered:
• Forces and Friction
• Keeping Healthy
• Living Things
• Habitats
• Earth, Moon and Sun
• Properties of Materials
• Occupation
• Water through Rainforest focus
• Hinduism
Egg Mobiles
Pizza making
CAM toys
Sport and PE
Team selection: trust the highly qualified PE
staff. It is always a difficult issue. There are
extensive trials and boys are looked at
during lessons and at after school clubs.
Games - Wednesdays. Please ensure that your son
has the correct named kit. Predominantly white
trainers (with white laces) and black moulded stud
boots. Always bring trainers!
Children to come to school in whites and full tracksuit
for PE and games kit and full tracksuit for games.
Swimming: please ensure that they participate in this
If your son is unable to participate a note is required
Extra-curricular activities - Teams, times and locations
are posted on the sports board and it is the boys’
responsibility to check and note down information
Texts are sent in the event of changes or cancellations
Sportsmanship: VCP prides itself on this aspect of
sport along with effort. Please try and encourage the
boys to show excellent sportsmanship at all times!
Please refer to the Sports Booklet for more details
Please collect your child on time.
• In line with the new curriculum, we will be covering:
We are cryptographers
We are artists
We are web developers
We are bloggers
We are architects
We are game developers
• Boys will be allocated a Mac Book Air for their sole use
• A named pendrive is a vital acquisition
• Recorders need to be kept in bags
at all times in case of timetable
• Hymn books named and in school
• Practice 3 x 5 min sessions per
• Senior Choir – all welcome
• Chamber Choir - selected
• Orchestra
Homework and Communication
• Homework diaries – main form of
communication - look and sign daily (50 mins
homework daily – 10 mins of which is reading
out loud)
• Reading – Free and Planet books (10 minutes
out loud daily, check for comprehension,
extend vocabulary, listed and signed on
• Spelling daily (LSCWC, joined, practise using
a dictionary or discuss words in context to
ensure meanings are understood, remember
to sign)
• Deadlines – may vary depending on the
• Must be a priority
Homework and Communication
• Boys to record fixtures, clubs and commitments
• Please check Parent Mail regularly
• Parental input – please tell us if there are
problems as we need to know
• Questions or concerns that you do not want your
child to see in the diary, email to
[email protected]
• Research – access to computer required – notes
not just pages of printed text!
• Equipment also needed at home eg pencil case,
scissors, glue, ruler…
What you can do to help
1. Check that your son has the correct
2. Maintain daily reading and spelling
3. Practise mental maths daily
4. Sign the Homework Diary
5. Encourage independence
6. Presentation - support your son to
take pride in their work
Bude Trip
VCP has been visiting Bude for over 20 years
Adventure International has an outstanding safety record and an excellent
range of equipment
Trip leader / organiser - Mr Price
The Bude trip is invaluable and a favourite memory for many boys of their time
at Prep
Activities include kayaking, mountain boarding, mountain biking, surfing, body
boarding, abseiling, dragon boating, team challenge, high ropes, climbing wall
and caving
Having a go and challenge are key components to the trip; boys are
encouraged greatly to have a go but are never forced.
Please remember that although your son may have reservations now or be
slightly anxious at being away from home for an extended period, June is a
long way off and they will be more confident and more mature by then
Payments are in installments – please try to pay on time!
Please do not hesitate to contact Mr Price or your son’s class teacher if you
have any queries
Behaviour & Core Values
Based on our four core values our school aims
To ensure that all have high standards and expectations of themselves. We want
the school community to be passionate about their learning, interests and
accomplishments. (ASPIRE)
We want our whole school community to feel valued and have a sense of
belonging. We want to promote an understanding and compassion for each other,
our local communities and the wider world with a sense of responsibility for the
conservation of our environment. (RESPECTFUL)
We want to adapt to the range of opportunities that are available to us. We want to
be ready, willing and able to learn in different ways; thinking, discovering and
understanding by using a range of resources effectively. (RESOURCEFUL)
We want all our learners to feel safe in taking a risk and work through difficulties
even when circumstances are challenging. We want to develop every individual’s
ability to manage their own learning, behaviour and feelings. (RESILIENT)
• Smart appearance
(uniform, kit, hair)
• Appropriate behaviour
• Rewards and sanctions
• Open communication
• This system will be used by all teachers
in Year 5 to ensure consistency and
• They are not designed to cause concern,
but instead, to ensure that each pupil is
meeting school expectations.
• By issuing strikes when required, it allows
us to monitor and guide pupils prior to
situations escalating.
Strikes are issued for:
• Homework
- quality
- punctuality
- diary completed, signed and handed in
• Spellings
- completed, checked and signed
• Equipment
- games kit
- recorder
- stationery
- specialist ie plastic bottle for DT!
• Behaviour
- constant interruptions for example
There are 3 strikes per section before a debit is awarded. Importantly,
strikes are not transferable! That way, each area or foci stands alone.
Friends of Prep
• We are very grateful for all the
support they give the school
• Please get involved if you can
• Class representative role is