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Project NEXUS is Operated from UNT

University of North Texas Teacher Education and Administration Bilingual/ESL Teacher Certification Programs 1155 Union Circle #310740 Denton, TX 76203-5017 Office Tel. 940-565-2933


Project Goals

GOAL 1- Enhance the ELL education knowledge base of middle and high school mathematics and science in-service teachers

from the two surrounding local educational agencies (LEAs), Denton and Lewisville, through customized professional development for teachers to acquire the instructional skills and strategies to teach academic content and language development and acquisition to increase the academic achievement, graduation rates and entry into postsecondary education institutions for middle and high school ELLs.

GOAL 2 - Enhance the ELL education knowledge base of the UNT mathematics and science education faculty

from the 9-12 teacher certification programs through ongoing course content analysis and advanced professional development to integrate current evidence-based research and standards-based instruction into the certification degree-granting programs for effective instruction and assessment for ELLs.

GOAL 3 - Analyze and evaluate project data to make decisions about project improvement

in order to impact the knowledge and skills of project participants to further ELL content mastery and

narrow the achievement gap.


Therefore the Purpose of this SIOP Professional Development is to:

Enhance the ELL education knowledge base of middle and high school mathematics and science in-service teachers.

With the Final Expectation to:

Increase the academic achievement of English language learners in mathematics and science and to help narrow the achievement gap as evidenced in STAAR scores.


Project NEXUS Funding

A Title III National Professional Development Program Funded by The Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA) U. S. Department of Education Awarded $985,000 over five years for the Bilingual/ESL Teacher Certification Programs of the Teacher Education and Administration Department at the University of North Texas May 1, 2012 to April 30, 2017


ISD’s Partnership Representatives

Teresa Luna-Taylor, Director, ESL and Bilingual Programs, Denton ISD, [email protected]

Danielle Oakley, ESL Coordinator, Lewisville ISD, [email protected]


Partnership Representatives

Dawn Osborne, Consultant, Region 10 ESC Kathleen Leos, External Evaluator, GILD, [email protected]


UNT Partnership Representatives

Dr. Rossana Boyd, Principal Investigator/Director, Project NEXUS, [email protected]

Dr. Subramaniam Karthigeyan, Co-Principal Investigator.

Project NEXUS, [email protected]

Daniel Baxter, Coordinator, Project NEXUS [email protected]

Reynaldo Quiroz, Graduate Assistant, Project NEXUS [email protected]


Participating Schools

Denton ISD No. # ELL Students Lewisville ISD No. # ELL Students

Denton High School Ryan High School Calhoun Middle School Strickland Middle School Myers Middle School Guyer High School Approximate number of ELL students 2013-2014 123 161 181 115 159 120


Delay Middle School Huffines Middle School Hedrick Middle School Killian Middle School Durham Middle School Griffin Middle School Approximate number of ELL students 2013-2014 492 101 76 133 84 70



Activities for In-Service Teachers

Fall 2012-2016

Each fall, four days of professional development on SIOP for teaching mathematics and science to ELLs each fall for 40 teachers (20 from Denton and Lewisville ISD).

Spring 2012-2016

Each spring, two days of individual coaching for 10 teachers, 1 day for 5 Denton ISD teachers and 5 Lewisville ISD teachers as needed.


Resources: For two years the project has been identifying resources, articles, webpages related to education ELLs in mathematics and science. Please log on to: 9/11/2014

Assistance with ESL Certification

WHAT: Review sessions at UNT of the ESL Supplemental exam delivered by Region 10 ESC free of charge. WHY: To help in-service teachers to become ESL certified.


Step 1. Fill out a registration form to attend a TExES review session at UNT. Step 2. Register for the ESL Supplemental exam (#154) at: .

Step 3. Send test registration receipt to [email protected]

for the project to reimburse the cost.

Step 4. Apply to TEA to have ESL added to your initial certificate.


Scholarships and Course Offerings

WHAT: Graduate level online courses that qualify for a scholarship:

EDBE 5590 section 030 – Pedagogy for Teaching ESL in Grades EC-12. EDDBE 5570 section 030 – Assessing Content and Language in ESL and in Bilingual Education.

(Application Deadline for Spring is November 15 th )

WHY: To increase your depth of knowledge about educating ELL students effectively and help increase their academic achievement.


Step 1. Apply to UNT: Follow UNT’s application and enrollment process at .

Step 2. Cost and payment: The project will pay $1160 per course. The scholarship will be placed as pending aid in the student’s account and funds will be disbursed after the 12 th day of classes. Other possibilities: Up to 12 hours of graduate level coursework can apply towards a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction degree with a focus on ESL Education.


UNT Math and Science Pre-Service Teachers

Spring 2013 – 2017

10 pre-service teachers enroll in one of these two courses: EDBE 4470 Assessing Language and Content and EDBE 4490 - Pedagogy for Teaching ESL EC-12 or 5 pre-service teachers enroll in both courses. Project pays their tuition and fees ($1060 per 3 hour course.)

Summer 2013 - 2016

20 pre-service teachers participate in a two-day professional development workshop on the project webpage. 9/11/2014

Continued UNT Pre-Service Teachers Math and Science

Fall 2013 - 2016

Five pre-service teachers attend state or national conferences with faculty and/or project staff.

Spring 2013 - 2017

Pre-service teachers have access to the Project NEXUS math and science resources.


GILD - External Evaluation Team Below are some of the evaluation activities: FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION Workshop evaluation and program participant surveys.

SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENTS AND EVALUATIONS FOR TRACKING OUTCOME-BASED RESULTS Number and percent of program completers passing the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES) exam and obtaining Texas ESL certification.

Classroom observations using SIOP Observation Protocol.

Checklists on ELPS and SIOP Model features for use in analyzing curricula adaptations and syllabi modifications.

STAAR results in mathematics and science for ELLs and non-ELLs, and Texas End-of-Course results in selected mathematics and science courses for ELLs and non ELLs.

Data on enrollment and credits earned in Pedagogy for Teaching ESL and Assessment of Content and Language for ESL and Bilingual Students.

Project Evaluation and Review Technique and Project Management feedback template for use in tracking and reporting on project activities.

Number and percent of program completers placed in LEAs, teaching ELLs after completion of the program and one year after project ends.