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IT support & parent with kids 11 to 26
(experience with kids & their mobile life)
What is an App?
App is short for Application
Typically used on smartphone or mobile devices such as iPods
Kik ( chat, video )
Instagram ( chat, photo, video )
Vine ( chat, video )
Snapchat ( chat, photo, video )
Facebook ( chat, video, photo, file transfer )
Omegle ( advertised as: “Talk to strangers!”)
• Apps are used on a mobile device such as a Phone, iPad,
iPod & tablets
• iPods have Wi-Fi capability and can easily be used to
access the internet and use voice / chat apps
Anywhere, anytime
Currently among the most popular apps at LPS are Kik and
These have age rating of 17+ & 12 +
Apple allow you to change the security
settings for age specific content.
• No restrictions will be teenage proof
• The safest option is to explain the dangers and the social
responsibilities, discuss options
• You will not be able to look over their shoulder 24/7
• Even if they don’t have access to their own device they
have access to their friends’ devices
Don’t forget that Kik is not simply text but
allows users to send photos and even
“….Enhance your Kik experience with
video messaging. Video for Kik allows you
to send short video messages to your
friends using Kik Messenger….”
Open the Settings on the mobile
device, in this example we will
use an iPad
Select the General Tab on the left
column and Restrictions in the
right hand general column
To Enable Restrictions you will be
asked to enter a 4 digit passcode
and then confirm that code
Tip: Use an easy to remember
word and spell this out on the
number pad
You can change this passcode at a
later time if you wish
Here you can allow settings for the
System Preferences such as access
to the Camera and installation of Apps.
Once enabled move down to the
Allowed content click on Apps
Here you can restrict the ratings
according the settings on the iTunes App
store, check those Age groups that will be
Click on the Restrictions button to
Apps that have been restricted are not deleted, but cannot be
accessed or seen while the restriction is in place.
Age restrictions will also apply to the iTunes App store so that
only Apps conforming to the rating rules will be available for
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Android 4.3 Jelly Bean ( only the latest version )