Service Request (SR) Tool

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Service Request (SR) Tool
Jason Salares
Product Interlock Instructor, IBM Cognos support
© 2008 IBM Corporation
Key Terms
 Site - "Site" means any defined entity, such as a physical location or
organizational unit, e.g., a department, division, subsidiary or cost
center, of your Enterprise. A Site is identified by a Site number.
 IBM Customer Number - An IBM customer number, known as "ICN"
or "Customer ID", is a 7-digit code (made up of numbers and/or
letters) that identifies a customer's IBM software support contract.
ICNs are unique, and are related to a specific Site. You must know
your ICN to be able to log a Service Request
 IBM Web ID – An ID for – anyone can instantly create a
Web ID. You can use your Web ID to access restricted parts of the website, provided you’ve associated your Web ID with a site
or ICN
Logging Service Requests
 There are two ways for customers to contact support:
– Via the Phone (1-800-IBM-SERV)
– Or via the Service Request Tool (SR) at
 There are no longer any restrictions on who can access support
– No more primary, secondary, or web contacts
- Anyone can open a support ticket (providing you know your ICN)
- Calling 1-800-IBM-SERV requires you to just know your ICN, but
using the SR Tool on requires further authorization
SR Tool Contacts – Cognos vs IBM
 IBM support roles (SR Tool)
– Primary Site Technical Contact (PSTC)
– Secondary Site Technical Contact (STC)
– Authorized User
– Business Partner
for granting or
access to the
SR tool
Downloading Software
 You must have a web ID
 You must know your site number
 You must be authorized to download software (approved by the
 Fixes