Museum Box Thinking outside the “PowerPoint Box”

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Transcript Museum Box Thinking outside the “PowerPoint Box”

Museum Box
Thinking Outside of the “PowerPoint” Box.
Museum Box is a free website that
allows users to create a project using
cubes to organize information. Users
can use text, images, sounds, web
links and video to enhance the
Museum Box
Click Start
to Begin.
This link gives you instructions on creating
student accounts and approving student
How to Change Box
your box here.
Each cube can
be up to 3
layers deep.
That would give
you 24 faces to
work with.
change box
to make
Choose the number of
cubes you want in your
You can change the
color and texture of
your box and
Setting up Box
Name your box
and give it a
2. Save the changes you
have made. Follow the
steps on the next page.
The “My Drawer” option allows you to save items to use in your
cubes. This is handy if you are not on your own personal profile.
Saving and Log in
You will create an account by clicking ‘Join for free’ the first
time you log in. Email [email protected] for info on creating
your account. Each time after, you will simply log in.
Creating a Cube
Choose a side of the cube
that you want to begin with.
Decide on a caption for that side
of your cube. You will continue
doing this for each side of the
When you choose ‘Images’ you
are brought to the home gallery.
From there you can choose from a
large selection of artist’s work,
including paintings, photography
and drawings etc.
You may choose to use your own
saved images from your computer
by selecting ‘Your Images.’ It will
then bring you to this login page,
from there you will be able to view
and decide on your images.
Select ‘Add to Cube’
and the image you
chose will appear
on one side of your
If you ever add
anything to a cube
you do not like,
click ‘Clear this
Side’ or ‘Clear all
Sides’ to delete
everything from
cube .
My Drawer
When looking for images, texts, sounds etc. you can click the ‘Add to
drawer’ button which will save items you find to your drawer. You may
then access any of these items by clicking ‘My Drawer’ instead of having
to search your computer or the internet.
Add text by typing your information inside the text box. Personalize it by adjusting
the font, color and size. You can also choose the ‘Upload’ button which will allow
you to upload text from websites, or saved documents. Click ‘ Add to Cube’ and
view your work.
Add sounds to your box by choosing a sound from the E2BN Gallery. You
may also record your own sounds by clicking on the ‘Your Sounds’
option. Use a microphone and record your own sounds to add to your
Upload personal videos, videos from the internet or create your own
video with a web cam.
Files and Links
Upload Files to your
cube. Students will
not see the text until
the cube has been
submitted and
approved. A Word
Icon will appear
Paste URL address in the address bar and then
create a title. You must then click add to Cube.
Submitting Project
Once your box has been
created, you must log in
to see it again. Select
the box you want to
After you have proofed
your work and saved you
completed ‘Box’, click
the Submit icon to have
‘Box” approved and
posted to the web.
Approving Student Work
Click Login to Teacher Adminstration
Enter your username and password.
Choose Review Boxes.