University Special Student Orientation for High School

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Transcript University Special Student Orientation for High School


University Special Student Orientation for High School Students Fall 2012

Topics covered

 University Special Student Status defined  MyUW & Student Center  Enrollment Procedures  WisCard and Bus Pass  Fees  Transcripts and Retrocredits  Campus Resources  What you should know about UW courses

University Special Student Status

Special student defined

 Non-degree student status.

 Enroll on a space available basis after all degree seeking students.

 Cannot continue as a special student once you graduate from high school. – Can’t be a special student if you are denied undergrad admission or apply too late

Unique Admission Process

Undergrad vs. Special student admission  Special – Minimum GPA of 3.000 required  Undergraduate Following are the general qualifications of admitted freshmen. These figures are not cutoffs. They are the middle 50% range, so 25% of admitted students fall below the range and 25% place above it.

Class Rank 86–96th percentile GPA* 3.5–3.9

ACT 26–30 SAT 1770–2010 *Unweighted, academic GPA From Freshman Admission Expectations 2008-09

Admission as a Special student does not improve your chances of getting admitted as an undergraduate.

 2 completely different offices with different Admission standards  If your high school GPA, class rank & test scores are not competitive, even 4 semesters of excellent work as UNHS special will not get you admitted

Expectations of you as a Special student

 You are taking a UW-Madison course and will be in classes with undergraduates -- you will be graded the same!

– Attend EVERY class session  Lectures  Discussions  Labs – Do all required work – read your syllabus – Do NOT hesitate to ask for help

Grades as Special student

 Outcomes of classes taken as a special student can negatively affect college admissions  Grades will be on your high school transcript (Youth Options only) and will figure into your h.s. GPA  Generally students do quite well in UW courses but there are occasional D’s & F’s

UW-Madison Record

 Establishing a permanent UW-Madison record  Any college to which you apply will require you to submit your UW-Madison transcript  Not taking your UW-Madison course seriously will have permanent negative consequences!

Your Advising and Dean’s Office

Adult Career and Special Student Services serves as your advising and dean’s office while enrolled as a Special student.

Main office:

608-263-6960 [email protected]


Jane Schimmel 608-262-2862 [email protected]

21 N Park St., Suite 7101

Office hours: M-F 7:45-4:30, Tues. to 7 PM

MyUW & Student Center

MyUW Portal


 Secure web portal to personalized campus information and services.

 Accessed by your NetID and password .

 Important to NOT share your password!

Features of MyUW

 Course enrollment  WiscMail  My Webspace  Course Resources  WiscCal  Financial

Your NetID is…

   Different from your 10-digit student ID number Typically some variation of your name Logon to access MyUW and other secure sites at UW-Madison Information about activating your NetID was sent with your letter of admission instructions to finish activating. On this page you will be prompted to enter information to verify your eligibility. Follow the step by step activation

Activating your Net ID

Activate your NetID as soon as possible to uncover any potential problems before you begin enrolling.

 If you do encounter a problem with your NetID call the DoIT Help desk at:

264-HELP (264-4357)

WiscMail is…

 Web-based email system available to all students  Automatically activated when you activate your NetID  Official address for all UW email correspondence - check it regularly! You can have other email forwarded to WiscMail so you have only one email account to monitor.

Student Center

One of the most important features of MyUW is the Student Center. It is where you go to:  Search for classes  Add classes to your Wishlist  Enroll in classes  Check your enrollment date/time  Check deadlines  And much more!

Enrollment Process

Prepare to Enroll

Special students begin enrolling the afternoon of August 30 but there are steps you can take before then to assure a smooth enrollment  Activate your NetID  Check Class Search to find your class  Add classes to your Wish List

Class Search

 Found in MyUW within Student Center  “Live” course schedule  Can review course prerequisites, department notes, and course footnotes  Public Class Search access (for non-students) available at:

Class Search examples

Wish List (a.k.a. Shopping Cart)

 Create a list of desired course sections before your enrollment time  Uncover potential enrollment difficulties (like permission needed)  Speed up course selection at your enrollment time  Does not reserve a space for you in the course Please note: Your wish list is not a waiting list…

Validate Your Wish List

After adding courses to your Wish List you can get a status update regarding enrollment confirmation and errors.

 In your Wish List/Shopping Cart select courses you wish to validate.

  Click on “Validate” button at bottom of panel.

You will then get one of two possible messages:  – OK to add ORPotential Problem with a descriptive message Contact the department regarding any potential problems

Wish List example

Enrolling from your wish list

On or after your earliest enrollment time you can enroll directly from your wish list:  Select course in which you wish to enroll.

 Click “begin enrolling”  Follow steps from here to enroll in the course.

NOTE: if the course is full but the department has given you “permission” you will still be able to enroll even if course shows it is closed (blue box).

Wait list

 Not all departments/courses are using this function at this time!

 Placement on wait list does not guarantee enrollment.  Must be on or after your enrollment time.

 Courses with wait list display with yellow triangle.

 You will receive an email if a spot opens.

Wait list example

Web Enrollment tips

    You can enroll anytime after your earliest enrollment time Check back often if your class is full – you may “win the drop lottery” Consult with departments about: – Closed classes – Prerequisites – Obtaining permission if needed Remember to confirm your course enrollment in the Student Center

Problems enrolling?

 Typical error messages: – Class is full – Class requires permission to enroll – Prerequisites not met

Need help?

 NetID problems – 264-4357  Enrollment assistance – 262-0920  Course questions and access issues (e.g. permissions or waiting lists) contact departments

 General questions – Jane Schimmel, 608-262 2862 or [email protected]

What if I want to drop a course?

 Consult deadlines (next topic)  Drop courses using Student Center  Contact Jane to let her know or if you need help deciding whether to drop

Important Dates & Deadlines

Important dates

 September 4 – Instruction begins  November 22-25 – Thanksgiving recess  December 14 – Last day of classes  December 16-22 – Final exam period

       

Fall 2012 Deadlines at a Glance

Monday, September 3, 2012

Last day to cancel enrollment without transcript record

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Instruction begins

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Last day to drop courses or withdraw without DR or W grade notation on Transcript

Friday, September 14, 2012

Last Day to Add your 1st class without Departmental & Dean's permission - All Students Last Day to Add Courses without Departmental approval - All Students Last Day for 100% tuition adjustment on dropped classes SPECIALS AND GUESTS ONLY: Last Day to Enroll without $25 Late Initial Enrollment Fee

Friday, September 28, 2012

Last Day for 50% tuition adjustment on dropped classes Last Day to Apply for Pass/Fail Privilege

Friday, November 2, 2012

Last Day to Drop courses --- All Students

Friday, November 23, 2012

Last day to withdraw without academic penalty - Undergrads/Specials/Professionals

Friday, December 14, 2012

Last Class Day

WisCard & Bus Pass

WisCard (Photo ID)

 Official UW-Madison ID card  Access libraries, recreational facilities, and other campus services  Also your campus debit card – 45 locations!!  Free to obtain but $25 to replace so don’t lose it!

Obtaining your WisCard

* You will need to wait 24 hours after you have enrolled before you can obtain your WisCard*   You will need to present a valid driver's license, passport, state or federal ID. WisCard office:

Union South

Room 149 Phone: 608-262-3258


[email protected]


Monday through Friday 8:30 am – 5 pm Extended hours until 6 pm, Aug. 27, 29; Sept. 4,6,10

Madison Metro Bus Pass

Your free ASM Student Bus Pass is good for all Madison Metro routes! Pick up info:

Student Activity Center

•333 East Campus Mall, 4th floor

Union South Box Office

• 1308 W Dayton St

Available starting August 27*

Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm Ph: 263-3950 After September 14 passes are available only at Student Print, 333 East Campus Mall, M-F 9:30 am – 6:30 pm.

*IMPORTANT: You must have a UW Photo ID and be enrolled in fall 2012 classes before you may obtain a pass.


Youth Options Program

     If you are enrolled in a course approved by your district, the district will be billed.

If you are enrolled in a non-approved course, you will be billed – invoice sent via email to your WiscMail address.

If you receive a e-Bill and you don’t think you should have, contact Jane Schimmel at 262-2862 or [email protected]

If you drop your class beyond the tuition adjustment deadline you may have to reimburse your school district. October 1 is YOP deadline for spring.

Traditional Program

    Once your tuition invoice is generated an email notification of your e-Bill will be sent to your WiscMail e-mail address ( You can also check your tuition balance in your Student Center. Tuition for 2012-13 academic year is $435.44 per credit.

You are responsible for all tuition and fees.

$100 late fee assessed if don’t pay by due date on your bill.

Transcripts and Retrocredits


 Transcripts for Youth Options students are sent to your school district at the end of the semester  Official transcripts must be ordered through the Registrar’s office and are $10 each.


Retroactive Language Credit

 If you elect to take language courses as a special student, you may qualify to earn a recommendation that retroactive credit be granted for your courses.  Interested? Pick up a form tonight.

How to apply for retro credit:

Complete retro credit form within the first two weeks of class. • Submit the form to Jane Schimmel, 21 N Park St, Rm 7101 by the end of the third week of classes. • Notation on transcript will appear after course is complete and if you receive a grade of B or better.

Retro credit transcript text:

The following is a sample of the notation that will appear on your transcript if you apply for retro credits and receive a grade of "B" or higher:

"Recommend that Retroactive Language credit be granted for: Scand ST 101 & 102 for 8 credits basis successful completion of Scand St 201, 1104 (spring 2012) term."

Campus Resources

Academic Support

 GUTS – Greater University Tutoring Service, 333 E Campus Mall, Office 4413  Math Tutorial Program, 321 Van Vleck;  Chemistry Learning Center, B311 Chemistry Building  Writing Center, 6171 Helen C. White Hall

EXAM FILE  GUTS has established a file with a number of past exams from some math, chemistry, and physics courses. – These exams are provided by academic departments to be used as study aids. Examples of test formats and questions may help you overcome any test anxiety and supplement your review material.

 All exams can be checked out at GUTS office, 333 E Campus Mall, Office 4413, during open hours. GUTS staff are happy to make copies of any exams you would like.

 You might also want to check out exams that departments have posted online.


UW-Madison has over 40 campus libraries!

 College Library, Helen C White Hall – undergraduate library  Memorial Library, 728 State St Mall – largest single library collection in WI!

Student Resources

 McBurney Disability Resource Center, 702 W Johnson St, 2 nd floor  University Health Services, 333 East Campus Mall  LGBT Campus Center, 2 nd Union floor Memorial  Multicultural Student Center, 2 nd Gym floor Red


 University Book Store, 711 State St  Underground Textbook Exchange, 664 State St You will need to know the section number for your course. Books are usually arranged according to course and section number.


 9 Computer labs available to you across campus  Help - 264-HELP(4357); [email protected]

 Software Training for Students –


 City of Madison State St Campus Ramp, Lake St & Univ Ave.

 Campus parking:

 Park near campus and take the bus – it is free!

 SAFE Nighttime Services –

What you need to know about UW courses

 Introduce yourself to your professors and TA’s  Syllabus – read it carefully!

 Attendance – go to class! – All lectures, discussions and labs – UW rarely closes due to bad weather – Contact the professor or TA if you need to miss class due to illness or bad weather

More on what you need to know…

 Course readings – read material before lectures.

 Final exams – usually not at the same time as your class. Check the time in Class Search.  Academic problems? – talk with your professor and/or TA ASAP!! And be in touch with Jane. DON’T DELAY asking for help.

Have a great semester!