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Instruction in Transition
Before we start (if you haven’t already) please:
1. Download iTunes U
2. Visit:
a. Enroll in our LOEX course (code: JLF-2LF-AD2)
3. Once enrolled, open iTunes U
a. Open the LOEX course
b. Under the “Posts” tab, open/look at “In Class Instruction Materials”
c. Download the two PBL iBooks: PBL-General & PBL-Sciences (click
the cloud to download)
LOEX 2014
Rachel Gammons, Melissa Gold, and Katie Stewart
Instruction in Transition:
Using iPad-driven problem-based learning to
enhance the freshman experience
LOEX 2014
Rachel Gammons, Melissa Gold, and Katie Stewart
PBL and FYE at Millersville
◻ UNIV 103 = 3 credit seminar
⬜ Some grouped by major
⬜ Some have research assignments
⬜ Information literacy as course objective
◻ Librarians: PBL + UNIV 103 info. lit sessions + iPads
⬜ iBooks and iTunes U
⬜ Team-teaching
Why do we <3 it?
Less preparation time
Less lecture time
Easy to customize/grow program
Engaged students
Multimedia opportunities
Better troubleshooting (team teaching)
Fulfills information literacy objective
◻ Learning curve with iPads
⬜ Solution → Divide work in pairs (ex: one with iBook, one with browser)
Convincing students: there is “no right way”
Faculty interest/soliciting requests
Mac required
Time/effort for implementation
Why iTunes U?
◻ Easy to create courses
◻ Updates quickly
◻ Allows for variety of learning materials
⬜ Videos, audio, links, apps, presentations, documents
⬜ iBooks: text, videos, charts, tables, photo galleries, 3D images, etc.
◻ Allows for self-pacing
◻ Easy to license content (CC)
◻ Easy to copy, share, and edit
Review and brainstorming
◻ What does an iBook allow you to do that’s different than a
◻ What stands out as unique or exciting?
◻ What teaching materials (tutorials, presentations, etc.) do
you already have that you could use with an iBook?
Creating your own PBL iBook
Learning Outcomes
Problem Scenario: (Example at:
iBook Storyboard: (Example at:
Page Design
◻ Thoughts, Questions?
◻ Contact:
⬜ [email protected][email protected][email protected]
◻ View presentation at: