PHS Senior Meeting

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Transcript PHS Senior Meeting

May 13th, 2015
Upcoming Dates to Remember:
Graduation Project
Spring Final Presentations: Tonight!
Senior Awards Night- Everyone Must Attend
 May 19th, Arrive by 5:15 to get into A-Z order
in Band Room.
 A class picture is taken at Awards Night, do
not come without all of your Graduation
regalia or you will not be included in the
Senior Awards Night Form
 You Must fill out this form to be included
in the Senior Awards Night Program!
 3 Categories:
 Awards Received
 Scholarships Accepted
 Scholarships You Did Not Accept
Return to your counselor
Senior Week is May 18-22
 Senior Breakfast – Spring Date: May
 This will take place in the gym during 1st
 Do NOT report to the gym until you’ve
heard an announcement.
 Crossing the Stage Pictures: Receive form
today and return by May 29 to Ms. McG
Monday= Senior Gear, stop by the front office
on Monday morning to pick up a few items and
sign the banner
Tuesday= Superhero day and Senior Awards
Wednesday= Decade day and class talks with
2005 grads
Thursday= Neon day and class talks with 2005
Friday= Senior breakfast and “tacky tourist” day
Graduation Tickets
 Tickets
 Receive at graduation practice
 10 tickets
 Fees MUST be paid and check out sheets completed
and returned to Student Services by June 6
 All signatures included whether you took course or not
to receive your tickets!
 Handicapped tickets must be requested by June 6 in
Student Services. These are not in addition to your total
of 10.
 Cap and Gown
 Orders Paid in Full have already been picked up
 Orders with a remaining balance are @ the Herff Jones
office. Contact Trey Lemon at 399-2740 or
[email protected]
Graduation Practice
 Practice – June 11th @ 8:30 a.m., @ Gym
 Stay until school gets out and we get it right!
 Dress Rehearsal
 June 13th
 Students must arrive by 9:30AM and park in
front (HWY 53/underclass) parking lot
 Report to auditorium first and sign in
 No senior allowed in the gym before
 There will be formal pictures taken. More
information to come…..
 On stage, you will receive your diploma
cover only….anyone exhibiting
inappropriate behaviors will not receive
their diploma on graduation day.
Graduation Dress Code
 Girls
Dress shoes (no sandals, flip-flops, or boots)
Top, without a collar
Skirt, that doesn’t hang outside of robe
Dress, no collar, and cannot be longer than the
 No jewelry can show outside of the robe
 No Huge Earrings
Graduation Dress Code
 Boys
 Black pants
 Black dress shoes (no boots or tennis shoes)
 White shirt
 Dark tie
 No jewelry can show outside of the robe
 No Huge Earrings
Important After Graduation Info.
 After ceremony, graduation robes will be
returned in the cafeteria and your diploma
will be given to you then.
 Make a plan with your family for a
meeting spot directly after ceremony so
that you can get pictures before you turn
your gown in.
 Keep up with your attendance! It will
count during final exams week!
 Hang in there and keep it up! We’re still 4
weeks away from graduation!