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The Aligarh Alumni Association of Texas
Academic Event 2011
Sir Syed and
Sir Syed Excellence in Science
Award (SSESA)
Nausha Asrar
Academic Event 2011
The Aligarh Alumni Association of Texas
Strategy to demolish the wall ??
No Strategy - hit the wall and you are done !!
Strategy to demolish the wall ??
Strategy needed - hit the wall at weak points
to make a bigger impact !!
Lesson learned:
When the force (resource) is small, plan for
an effective impact
Water Recovery – by suction or air compression ??
Lesson learned:
For lifting/pulling purpose, suction from top
is more effective than compression/pushing
from bottom
Why did Sir Syed establish “ Anglo
Mohamdon Oriental “College” in 19th century
(1875) at Aligarh, while the large section of
Indian community in general and Muslims in
particular were illiterate and poor, and were
in dire need of “primary education” available
at “their locations” ??
• To benefit the children of feudal class of Muslim
society, who contributed more for the college
• To provide an institution close to the cities of
royal families
• Provide higher education to the rich class of the
society so that they can acquire highest positions
in jobs and rule illiterate lower and middle class
• Large impact with small resource in short period of
time –- Total quality
• To prove that pulling from the top is more effective
than pushing from the bottom. (Upper one has the
power and opportunities to pull the lower one 
Triggers an auto-catalytic reaction)
• The model of Aligarh Movement – for the uplift of
the society “higher education” is more effective than
primary education.
How much Sir Syed was correct on his
believe/philosophy of:
 Effectiveness of higher education (more
than primary education) on uplift of the society
 Recognition and value comes from quality
and not from quantity
 Auto-catalytic reaction
According to 2001 census and Sachar
Committee Report (about Muslims) :
• Muslim population
138 million (13.4 %)
• Literacy rate
• In the premier college in the country 4% of the total
under-grad. And 2% of the total post-grad.
• IIMs Enrolment (2004-5 and 2005-6) =
1.3% of
the total number of enrolled students
• IITs Enrolment (2004-5 and 2005-6) =
the total students enrolled (27,161)
3.3% of
According to 2001 census and Sachar
Committee Report (about Muslim) :
• Jobs in Education Dept.
• Jobs in Health Dept.
• Population in West Bengal
25.2 %
• Populatation in Gujrat
• In Govt. jobs of West Bengal =
• In Govt. Jobs of Gujrat
• Jobs in Indian Railways
them are lower levels
4.5% (98.8% of
Support higher education wherever we are
In order to increase the magnitude of impact
of our efforts:
a. Put together effort/resources Organizations should join their hands
b. Develop a strategy to make a remarkable
impact (uplift) with limited amount of force
“ From the seed that we sow today, there may
spring up a mighty tree whose branches like those
of a banyan shall in their turn strike firm roots
into the earth and themselves send forth new and
vigorous sapling” …… Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
Sir Syed Excellence in Science Award (SSESA)
Sir Syed Excellence in Science Award (SSESA)
SSESA is an ANNUAL, MERIT BASED scholarship awarded to
academically outstanding students from AMU to pursue higher
education in reputed institutions of United States or other countries.
 Applications invited from students after campus wide advertising at AMU
and on various networks (AMU Network, World of Aligs etc).
 Presently scholarship awarded to 8-10 students every year. Will increase
with more financial support over time.
 Selected students are expected to take the GRE and TOEFL tests. Those
who get competitive scores are further supported for the
applications for PhD programs.
Selected candidates are mentored by volunteers, who are experts in their
field of interest ,and are guided through the application procedure.
Selection Criteria
Attested copy of first and last page of valid Indian passport
Curriculum Vitae
Attested copy of mark sheets for all years of Std. XII, B.Sc
and M.Sc. (NET, GATE and other test scores may also be
included if taken)
Attested copies of certificates and documents in support of
listed achievements
A n one page (one side only) statement of purpose, detailing
the student’s interest in science and intended field of study
Personal interview if logistics can be arranged in time
Assistance Provided
Financial Assistance: GRE/ TOEFL ( about $350-400 total)
Applications fees: $50-100/ application (up to 5 universities)
Total expenditure: $700-800/ student
Fees are directly paid from SSESA account in USA.
Money is not given to any candidates.
2011 - 2012 SSESA Award Schedule
Application deadline/ Results: March 30/ May 1 2011
Should plan for GRE/ TOEFL: June- Nov 2011
Application deadlines for US universities: Dec 1st-Jan 15th
Admission results: Mar-Apr 2012
Classes start in Fall semester: (Aug-Sep) 2012
Some successful SSESA awardees
 Mohsin Raza Khan – PhD candidate in Bio-analytical chem.Georgia State Univ.
 Savita Singh – PhD candidate in Biomedical Sc. Cleveland State University.
 Abdullah Ahsan – MS candidate in Tele. Engg at University of Maryland.
 Syed Murtuza Abbas – MS candidate in Structural Engg at Univ. of Cincinnati.
 Ali Shoeb Moon – MS candidate in Chemical Engg at Yeungnam Univ, South Korea
 Mustafa Ali Khan – PhD candidate at UAE University
 Adil Masood – PhD candidate in Physics at University of Ghent, Belgium
 Asif Alvi – M.S in Public Health, Boston University
 Asif Ashfaq Khan – PhD candidate at Ben Gurion University, Israel
 Beenish Zia – M.S candidate in Engineering at Portland State University
Current and Future prospects
Currently offered in subjects and faculties of:
 Sciences,
 Life Sciences,
 Medicine,
 Engineering.
Future Plans:
 Humanities,
 Mass Communication and Journalism
Expansion would be offered only to the subjects in which the potential
candidates have chances for getting scholarships/financial assistance
Contacts for Further Enquiries/Support
Rehan Baqri: [email protected]
Saif Sheikh: [email protected]
Shaida Andrabi:
Syed Ali Rizvi: [email protected]
Nausha Asrar : [email protected]
Moyeen Haque: [email protected]
SSESA committee:
Rehan Baqri
Saif Sheikh
Shaida Andrabi
Syed Ali Rizvi
Prof. M. Saleemuddin
Dr. Suhail Sabir
Dr. Shahid Jameel
SSESA Scholars
List of Supporting
AMU Alumni Association of:
 New England
 Texas
 Birmingham
 Atlanta
 Cleveland
 New York - 1
 Michigan – 1
Aligarh Education Endowment Fund
Indian Muslim Relief and Charities (IMRC)
Sir Syed’s vision and philosophy
holds good as on today
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