NAD TDEC Fall 2012 Report

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Transcript NAD TDEC Fall 2012 Report

TDEC Report
Fall 2012
Organization for Educational Technology and Curriculum
• “A consortium of K-20 educational organizations that aggregates
buying power, knowledge, and expertise to procure great technology
at even better pricing and then integrate it to improve education.”
• NAD is the parent and administrator of the group
• Each union is a child of the NAD group
• TDEC representatives are union administrators
• Conferences, schools, teachers can purchase through the union
• Contact your union TDEC representative
An interactive media-on-demand service for K-12 education
Similar to Discovery Education Streaming
Offers a more affordable option
Offers a more comprehensive service
– All content available for one price
– 80% of materials copyrighted in last ten years
– Large number of video/audio resources
• Includes National Geographic, History Channel, Biography and
A&E videos
– 24/7 access at school or home, for students and teachers
– Additional features
• Assignment/quiz creation
• Playlists
• Favorites folder
• Could embed video/audio in new SDA science series
• NAD Username and password through October 31, 2012
– salesrep
– Learn360
• OR sign up for a free trial at
• NAD is negotiating a contract
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
• Creating a LMS for a blended classroom
– Blended = LMS and 3rd party venders plus print, technology, etc.
– Integrated architectural platform
• Will include both HMH and SDA curriculum content
• Will facilitate school/church community environment/social
• Will develop leadership/professional growth components
• Will allow import of standardized tests data
• Will migrate information into learning objects
– 18 month timeline
– Pricing based on modules and numbers
– Inservicing live or through webex
• “Blending social networking and e-learning together to form social
• A social learning platform designed with pedagogy based on the
latest knowledge about in-the-cloud learning.
• A cohort-based design to foster peer learning and the social
construction of knowledge
• Author experts guide the community of practice by driving
engagement and collaboration among cohort members.
• A global social learning institute to extend your community
• A better, faster, less expensive way to sustain professional
NAD Learning Community
• Vision: Affordable lifetime learning opportunities that promote
Seventh-day Adventist identity within the church and a message
of hope and wholeness to the world.
• Mission: To create synergy for the systemic growth of all
stakeholders of the Seventh-day Adventist church.
NAD Learning Community—2
• Objectives
– Make Adventist education available to 100% of Adventist youth
Academic credit
Extra-curricular activities
Social media/community
Training/continuing education units
Spiritual enrichment
– Provide development program for church professionals and
– Strengthen Adventist culture
– Capture unique Adventist narrative
NAD Learning Community—3
– Build a virtual community
– Offer affordable/competitive education
– Expand capacity—junior academies, advanced placement classes,
vocation classes
– Provide clear plan for communicating benefits/marketing
– Leverage best practice across the NAD
– Commit to continuous program assessment
– Establish multi-modal delivery
Video streaming, etc.
NAD Learning Community—4
– Audience
• Market to:
NAD officers
• Deliver to:
Home school students
Public school students
Church professionals and volunteers
Adventist schools/students
General public
• Partners
Approved distance education providers
NAD departments
Colleges and universities
NAD Learning Community—5
• The Big Picture
• Organizational Flow Picture
NAD / Vendor Services
$2 or less/student/year
Typing Pals
Spelling City—includes Pathways vocab
Encyclopedia Britannica/Ebsco
Reading A-Z
Recommend to directors to proceed with negotiations
NAD / Vendor Services—2
• NAD schools save over $500,000 by purchasing these negotiated
• Deadlines coming up in December 2012
– Schools must place order with check to the conference by Dec. 14
– Conference must send check payable to the NAD and have orders
entered in shared Google doc by Dec. 18
– Union must have all orders in the shared Google doc by Dec. 21 and
payment sent to the NAD
• Union TDEC representative is contact person for any questions
Contact you union TDEC representative anytime you have questions.