Southend Drug & Alcohol Action Team

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Transcript Southend Drug & Alcohol Action Team

Southend Drug & Alcohol
Action Team
1st April 2008
Who are we…..
A partnership
Hosted by SBC in Adult & Community
Chairperson: Martin Elliott, Head of Adult
Strategy Manager: Glyn Halksworth
Contracts & Performance Manager: Carole
Project Team
What do we do….
Drugs: protecting families and communities: the
2008 drug strategy:
- protecting communities through robust enforcement to
tackle drug supply, drug-related crime and anti-social
- preventing harm to children, young people and families
- delivering new approaches to drug treatment and social
- public information campaigns
What we do and who we tell about it
 HealthCare Commission themed reviews
 Regionally – NTA, GO East, Eastern Region
Strategic Partnership Group – Treatment
Planning and performance monitoring
 Locally – LAA, Safer Stronger Communities,
Children’s Partnership, DAAT groups
 Corporately - SBC Adult & Community Services
Is there a problem in Southend….?
Glasgow University prevalence data
(04/05): 784 – 1172 problem drug users in
Numbers in structured treatment at 29 Feb
2008 = 772 – annual out-turn….? (there
are lots more besides…)
Needs assessment – similar problems to
similar towns
Pulling it all together
“we have been impressed with the prompt
action by your DAAT in dealing with poor
performing services”
2% uplift in funding (PTB), 1.5% DIP,
young people grant static
Savings made, debts cleared,
commissioning cycles enabled
Moving towards More treatment, better
treatment, fairer treatment
Construction in progress
 1st February – new Tier 2 (open access) service
 Treatment plan ‘accepted’/action plans begun
 1st April – new Tier 3 (structured) service
 1st April – new DIP/DRR service
 Integrated care pathways being built – all
providers signed up
 New premises by 1st July
 Green lights by Christmas?
 Beacon DAAT by…..
There are 2 As in DAAT
Alcohol strategy being revised and
planning group convened (DAAT, PCT,
hospital, SEPT, police, probation, CDRP)
LAA target NI39 – hospital-related