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Transcript Back-to-school presentation - Center Grove Elementary School

CGMSC Student Expectations and Discipline










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Attendance Expectations

• You are expected to be at school EVERY day! • Parent must call ATTENDANCE HOTLINE to report absences • Notices will be sent home informing parents about excessive absences and occurrences of “Lost Instructional Time” • If absences or lost instructional time become a problem, Johnson County Probation Office will be contacted 3

Attendance Reminders

If you are absent from school, you cannot do the following: • participate with your team in a meet/game that evening; • participate in school activities that evening (ex. school dances); • attend sporting events

that evening.



• Do not tell others your combination.

• Do not open another student’s locker.

• You may decorate the inside door of your locker, as long as it does not block the pull bar on your locker. • If a locker jam is reported due to an item interfering with the pull bar, the item(s) will be removed and you will have to take those items home. 5

Locker Door Decorations

• Decorations are allowed for: – Day of birthday – School activity (in season) • If you want to keep the decorations, take them down before Friday. Custodians will clean lockers that evening.

• The following are not allowed: Double-sided Tape Packing Tape Adhesive Foam Contact Paper • Instead, use the following: – Masking Tape – Painter’s Tape 6


Please do not tape over the metal pull bar Please do not place heavy magnetic items on your locker door near the pull bar 7

Student Safety

• If you are being dropped off or picked up, this must be done at the front entrance. You may only exit or enter a vehicle if it is along the green curb. • Students can walk to the high school, walk home or walk to the elementary school if they have parent permission AND a “walking note” on file in the front office.

• If a student does not have a current note on file, he or she may not walk. • Students are not allowed to walk to the high school in order to board their middle school bus. • If students are seen boarding their middle school bus at the HS, disciplinary actions will occur.


What happens if I make a poor choice?

Consequences for Misbehavior

Lower-level: • Before School Detention (BSD) • Lunch Detention • 1 period of In-School Suspension (ISS) Middle-level: • Friday Evening School (FES) • In-School Suspension (ISS) High-level: • Out of School Suspension (OSS) • Expulsion 11

Discipline Log

Hitting, Fighting, or Causing Injury

• Including “horseplay” which results in an injury • Could result in an Out of School Suspension (OSS) • Repeated offenses could result in a recommendation for expulsion and referral to the police



Possession of Illegal Items

Tobacco, tobacco products, and/or alcohol

Possession of drugs or look-alike drugs

Weapons- including Swiss Army knives, pocket knives, etc.

Making a bomb threat or false fire alarm report (such as pulling a fire alarm)

These behaviors could result in Out of School Suspension (OSS) and a recommendation for Expulsion


School Grounds/ Property

• Students are required to follow all school rules whenever on school grounds.

• The school can enforce consequences when students violate school rules.

• What are school grounds?

– School corporation property at any time – Athletic contests (home and away), bus stops, dances, on a school bus to/from a school event, any school sponsored activity 15

Harassment and Bullying

• Do not physically or verbally threaten, harass, or intimidate others – This is harassment • Please report such behavior immediately to a guidance counselor, school administrator or use Talk About It • This behavior could result in any of the following consequences: conference/parent contact, Out of School Suspension (OSS), or recommendation for Expulsion




• While calling people names is not appropriate…certain types of comments will be handled with more significant consequences.

– Do not make comments about a person’s: race, religion, ethnicity, gender or physical appearance – All very serious and will be handled very seriously.


Student Relationships

• The Guidance Counselors at our school (Ms. Gunn and Mrs. Thacker) work with students on how to resolve conflicts with each other without being in trouble. • At CGMSC we try and work through harassment issues with a guidance counselor before it is a discipline problem. 18

Misbehavior Problems and Poor Choices

Dress Code Guidelines

• Shirts must: – Have sleeves, with no sheer or mesh material – Cover the shoulders, chest & midriff • Pants, Shorts, & Skirts must: – Pass the “fingertip length” test – Have no transparent holes or rips: • Permanently patched or mended are acceptable * Skin tight shorts or skirts are not allowed COMMON SENSE & COVERAGE!


Dress Code

Inappropriate dress choices:

• Clothing with vulgar, sexual, or violent references • Unusual coloring of the hair & face painting • Drawing and writing on the body • Dangling chains, sunglasses, bandanas • Pajamas & other sleepwear • Hats • Jackets & coats that are outerwear • Piercings other than those in the ears 21

Dress Violations - Consequences

• 1st offense – wear appropriate clothing supplied by the office, official warning from administrator, call home • 2nd (or more) offense - wear appropriate clothing supplied by office, D-Slip, and consequence 22

Electronics Policy

• OFF and AWAY!

• Confiscated if seen or heard • No additional warnings will be given • 1 st violation – Before School Detention (BSD) • 2 nd (or more) violations – Friday Evening School (FES) and then In School Suspension (ISS) 23


• E-Readers and Tablet devices are only to be used in classrooms for school related purposes at appropriate times, and always at the teacher’s discretion.

• Misuse or abuse by using non-educational applications or the internet without permission from a staff member may result in the total loss of privilege of using E Readers and Tablet devices and/or disciplinary consequences. • Phones of any type are not included under this policy and are not allowed in any classroom during the school day.


Inappropriate Language

F-word violations – Saying, writing, or gesturing - all treated the same – Friday Evening School (FES) then In-School Suspension (ISS) Other language violations: – D-slip and consequence – Consequences will grow in severity if repeated 25

Cheating Policy

• All assignments are to be the work of the individual.

• If you cheat or allow someone else to cheat from your work, you may both receive a zero on the assignment.

• You may also be considered for disciplinary action. 26

Making Good Choices Pays

• Success in school • AAAs • Yearbook party • Respect of other students & adults 27

Easy to remember guidelines for making good choices at MSC

• School is your job!

• Dress and act appropriately!

• Respect all staff, students, and visitors!


Let’s have a GREAT year!