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Futures Center
School to Career
One Diploma –
Pathways to
Achieve ItPerformance Based
Four Year Plan
Where we have been
Registration Packets
Meeting with students
Where we are going
Parent Info Night
Freshman Class Selection forms due to Middle
School Counselor no later than February 26 (this
Build Master Schedule
Tiger Tour
Check In
Freshman Orientation
Four Year Plans
What do colleges want
NCAA Clearinghouse requirements
Performance-Based Diploma
 Conventional Pathway
 25 Credits in required areas
 Minimum 2.0 GPA
 Proficiency in CSAP or alternative assessment
 Pathway of Distinction
 Minimum 3.5 GPA
 Higher Standardized Test Scores
 Individualized Pathway
 There are a variety of interventions to help your student meet these
 Progress Monitors – Robbie Owen and Jamie Penry
Your student already has
Educational Planning Guide
Registration Instructions
Course Selections
Freshman Selection Form
Grand Junction High School
Home of the Tigers
Educational Planning Guide
Freshman Class of 2013
Grand Junction High School
2009-2010 Registration
You are receiving the following registration papers to guide you through the process of selecting your classes for next year at Grand Junction High School.
1. The Educational Planning Guide—description of courses, graduation requirements, and more.
2. Course Selections—list of freshman classes.
3. Freshman Selection Form—You will write your class choices on this paper.
Ninth graders should select 7 classes and one study hall each semester. Your selections must include academic classes in English, Math, Social Studies, and Science. A
study hall both semesters, one term of computer application, and one term of physical education are strongly recommended. You also get to choose some elective
classes from the list.
The classes you select will be scheduled by the Tiger machine and based on our Flex 8 schedule which includes some 45-minute “split block” classes and some 95minute “block” classes. It is very important that you put serious thought into your course selections. Teachers and counselors at your school will assist you in selecting
your classes.
Read your Educational Planning Guide for information important to your success at Grand Junction High School. Requirements for Graduation begin in the very first
section. It is also important that you review the Performance Based Policy beginning on page 6 of your Educational Planning Guide. Your class, the Class of 2013, will
be directly impacted by the Performance Based Policy. Carefully read the sections on Programs of Study, General Information, and Course Descriptions. A Credit
Worksheet is on page 33 of your Guide. Use this form to plan your coursework during your four years at Grand Junction High School.
The Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) has minimum four-year college entrance requirements for Colorado colleges and universities. These Higher
Education Admissions Requirements (HEAR) are guidelines, and each college is responsible for evaluating their respective applicants and determining admission
eligibility. Notice the additional academic credits required beyond those required for high school graduation. Refer to pages 10-11 of your Educational Planning
In addition to HEAR and Performance Based Policy, the Educational Planning Guide has many other important sections of information for you and your parents to
read. For example, NCAA Minimum Requirements for Division I and Division II athletes are on pages 12 and 13.
Follow the steps on the back of this sheet when selecting your classes. Make smart choices for your classes. You are limited to just two P.E. classes in a school year,
two art classes, and two Tech Ed classes. Select only courses that are listed on the attached Course Selection Form.
10 Steps to Becoming a Tiger
Step 1
Write your name on your Educational Planning Guide and your orange Freshman Selection Form.
Write the name of your Middle School, your school ID number, and your phone number on the top of the form.
Step 2
Write the Course numbers and the titles of your Comp/Lit class. Your choices are listed
in the box on the right side of your orange Freshman Selection Form.
Step 3
Choose your electives based on your interests, plans after high school, and your desire
to meet HEAR and NCAA requirements. Refer to the orange Course Selections for easy
reference to classes and course numbers available to freshmen. Keep the following in
mind when choosing your elective classes:
a. Maximum of 2 classes of physical education, 2 classes of art, 2 classes of technology in a school year.
(Recommend at least 1 P.E. class next year.)
b. Computer Applications (#33580) is highly recommended during the freshman year.
c. Freshmen must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA in middle school in order to take a World Language their
freshman year. Incoming ninth graders who do not have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA in middle school may start
their World Language during their sophomore (or subsequent year.)
Step 4
It is important that you choose the appropriate math class; therefore, communicate with your current math teacher for advice. Pay close
attention to math course numbers in order to correctly select a math “block” class or a math “split block” class.
Step 5
Write the course numbers and titles of your Science class.
Step 6
Write the course numbers and titles of your 2 Geography classes.
Step 7
Study Hall has already been included in both semesters of your freshman schedule.
Step 8
Choose your alternative elective choices. There is no guarantee that your first choice electives will fit into your schedule. Write the name
of the course and its course number in the “Alternates” section. Do not mark your alternates on your scantron.
Step 9
Look at the sample Student Schedule at the bottom of your worksheet. The Tiger Machine will determine which class will be held during
first hour, etc. All lines must have a class or study hall listed. Did you do it right?
Step 10
Have your parent/guardian sign your completed Freshman Selection Form, and give it to
your middle school counselor by the deadline
Freshman must take :
Comp/Lit 9 A and B (two terms)
Have current English teacher or counselor sign for regular Comp/Lit or Honors Comp/Lit
Math (two terms)
Have current Math teacher or counselor sign for math class options
Options will be:
Math I w/ math lab (four lines)
Math I (block) and Math II (block) (four lines)
Geometry A and Geometry B (two lines)
Geometry A and B (block) and Algebra II A and B (block) (four lines)
Honors Geometry A and B (two lines)
Science (two terms)
Geo/Physical A and B (no more Earth Science)
If a student has taken Earth Science, then choose Biology A and B
World Geography I and II (two terms)
Have current counselor sign for regular World Geography or Honors World Geography
Strongly suggested classes:
Computer Applications (one term)
Study Hall (one per term)
Study Hall is encouraged for the 9th grade, because the class loads in
high school can be more than the students are use to!
Sample Class List
1. 31007
Comp/Lit 9 A
2. 38000
3. 32061
Math I A
Math Lab A
Geophysical Sci. A
6. 34010
World Geography I
7. 36298
Team Sports A
8. 39202
Study Hall
Sample Class List
1. 31008
Comp/Lit 9B
2. 37095
Teen Choices
3. 32062
Math IB
4. 32216
Math Lab B
5. 33036
Geophysical Sci. B
6. 34020
World Geography II
7. 35580
Computer Apps
8. 39203
Study Hall
List your “Alternate Course Choices” below. Do not mark these on your Scantron.
German I A
Beginning Acting
German I B
Fitness Activities
Food Science I
Architectural Design
Student Signature________________________ Date_____________
Parent Signature_________________________ Phone Number ________________
Colorado Commission Of Higher Education
(Higher Education Admission Requirements)
Higher Education Admissioquirements
2010 & After
Natural Science2
Social Science3
Foreign Language
Academic Electives4
Total Units
4 Units
4 Units
3 Units
3 Units
1 Units
2 Units
17 Units
1 Algebra
I and higher
2 Two units must be lab based
3 At least one unit must be US or world history
4 Any academic area listed above or foreign, computer
science, art, music, journalism, or drama.
Parent Checklist for Student
 Review your student’s registration packet
 Review course selection sheet and course description guide
with your student – there is loads of information
 Solicit current teachers/counselor for recommendations
on appropriate course selection – academic areas, block,
split block, honors
 Review HEAR expectations
 Review NCAA requirements for students who may play
college athletics
 Alternates, alternates, alternates!!!!!!!
 Sign your name, and give us a contact phone number!!!
 Return course selection sheet to your MS counselor by
Feb. 26, at the latest.
 Look forward to 4 great years at Grand Junction High
Schedule For Success
 February 26 - Class choice sheets to MS Counselor
 February 27 - Class choices entered into computer
 March - Master schedule is built,
student schedules
 April 30 - Tiger Tour
 First week in August - Check-in & Pick up Final Schedule
 Second week in August - Freshman Orientation
 August 19- First Day of School!
What is a Flex 8 Schedule???????
Sample Flex 8 Schedule
Algebra IA or Math I
Algebra IB or Math I
Math lab
Math lab
Teen Choices
Study Hall
Study Hall
Computer Apps
Science A
Science B
Art I
Geo I
Geo II
Can I select my child’s teachers?
What happens if we don’t turn in a Selection Form?
Am I selecting the order of my courses or the semester the course is
Can I waive my PE credit?
Marching Band, sport
For which classes do I need alternates?
How do I help my student be successful?
Meeting deadlines
Participating in activities
Communicating with their “Team “
Learning to advocate for themselves
And, of course, the
most important
question of all
“Am I going to
survive my child’s
high school
We all will!
Audience Questions