Transcript InFlow 3.0

Network Mapping and Measuring Software
InFLOW is more than a…
data base
modeling tool
network diagnostic
visualization engine
It is all of the above in one integrated tool!
 Networks can be shown at any level of detail
 Maps can be color – coded [both nodes and links]
according to data attributes
 InFLOW has expert layout algorithms that allow
you to unscramble the complexity in networks
 Can map multiple relationships on any one map, or
any sub-network from all available nodes & links
Just two clicks!
InFLOW not only maps complex networks
but measures them also -- interactively!
InFLOW uses standard social network measures
to evaluate individuals, groups and the
whole network
 Node and Network centrality
 Reach into Network
 Cluster analysis
 Small-World Networks
 Structural Equivalence
 External / Internal Ratio
DATA flows easily to & from InFLOW…
 node and network data from Excel, Access or other *.csv
 Run various downloaded data files through Excel
and import them into InFlow
 text and graphics to any Microsoft Office application and most
word processors and presentation programs
 network data to Java applet running in web browser
 In addition, InFLOW has internal data entry
via drawing or dialogs
 Draw your network while reading sources or
interviewing subject
 People still use paper surveys… we have data-entry screens
specifically for them
Export network data to
Java applet on WWW
x-rays complex human systems such as teams,
organizations, partnerships, and industries and
reveals key patterns, or the lack thereof…
Just like a doctor uses x-rays and CAT scans to
see what is happening inside the human body,
an executive or consultant uses InFLOW to
see what is really happening within and
between organizations
Organizational Network Analysis [ONA] and
Social Network Analysis [SNA] in…
 Knowledge Management
 Post-merger integration
 Human resource planning
 Project Management
 Organization Design
 Industry ecosystems
 Biological Networks
 Computer networks
 Influence Networks
InFLOW revealed…
 Subject Matter Experts [SME] in growing
I/T organization
 How scientists shared knowledge and
discoveries with their peers and partners
 Key knowledge integrators that management
was not aware of
 How tacit knowledge was and was not shared
in high-tech organization
InFLOW revealed…
 Where a cross-border merger was working
and where it was not.
 Continuing divisions between employees in a
merged department that affected productivity
 Opportunities to improve innovation in a research
lab that had experienced 3 mergers in 4 years
InFLOW revealed…
 Advantageous positions in the network of
industry alliances
 A hidden strategy that a competitor was pursuing
 Opportunities for new products and services
InFLOW revealed…
Bottlenecks in key business processes
What would happen to a management team when two
key members retired
The exclusion of some employees from advice and
mentoring networks
Employees who connected far reaches of the
organization -- key integrators
A better candidate for managing key department
Need for a different office layout
InFLOW revealed…
 A better design for a corporate backbone
 Vulnerabilities in several network topologies
InFLOW revealed…
Disconnects in knowledge exchange between client’s
employees and hired contractors
Poor communication by sub-project managers
Isolation of project manager from key stakeholders
Disconnects between two vendors' on-site personnel
Structure of links between terrorist cells
Adding a few short-cuts to the
network reduces average path
length significantly
InFLOW revealed…
Key opinion leaders in a professional community
Key influencers amongst companies in an industry
A community's access to political leaders
InFLOW mapped and measured…
 Spread of an airborne contagion in a human population
 Protein interaction network
In addition to being an excellent
diagnostic tool, InFLOW helps
executives and consultants map
and measure possible solutions
and various options…
What if…
this executive leaves the company?
this router fails, or this link is severed?
we promote A instead of B?
we partner with company X instead of company Y?
we merge these departments / organizations?
we offer an early retirement program?
we move into a new building, or go virtual?
monitor the network at point A, instead of point B?
InFLOW offers…
 Fast and easy data import and export
 Powerful network visualization
 Precise network metrics
 Integration with Microsoft Office and WWW
 Flexible what-if modeling
 Powerful toolkit for the internal / external consultant
 A phone number and email with an EXPERT on the other end!
 Training [additional cost] in general social network analysis,
or on your particular focus
InFLOW License Fees
Depend on your training requirements
Three options…
Software only, with on-line documentation and email/phone support
Software with above, plus introductory software training
The Consultant's Package: full software, methodology,
ONA/SNA training, and mentoring during first project.
16 hours of training and mentoring.
Options 1 and 2 for experienced ONA/SNA practitioners
who are switching software
Option 3 for those with no hands-on ONA/SNA experience
Satisfied Clients
" This is the most powerful tool I've ever seen when it comes to
zeroing in on problem spots in an organization. It's quick, it's
analytical, it's objective. And it frees you from the emotional, softskills talk that makes line managers roll their eyes.
My only question is, Where has this been all my career?"
Fortune 500 Executive
" The most accurate, systematic means yet seen to identify key value
creators and informal knowledge communities that drive corporate
core competencies."
Corporate Leadership Council
Training & Consulting
• We also offer custom network analysis training
focused on specific goals
covert networks
personal networks
influence networks
computer networks
community networks
biological / disease networks
• We have 15 years experience in network analysis on
hundreds of projects. We are often called in by
internal/external consultants to provide network
analysis and network-building advice.
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Network Mapping and Measuring
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