Hook - Free Practice Tests & Test

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Transcript Hook - Free Practice Tests & Test

Marko’s Writing Tools
• Create a prewriting list of events in
chronological order (the order in which
events happened).
• Include a clear beginning in which you
identify the characters, setting, and main
idea of the story.
• Provide details of the story in the middle.
• Offer a conclusion to the narrative in the
Get your reader’s attention
• Action
• A word picture describing the
• Dialogue
• An interesting question or fact
Make sure your sentences flow together
(making “tasty” sentences).
For examples, visit www.MarkoThePencil.com
Colorful Words
Paint a picture by
• Using the five senses: sight, sound,
taste, touch, and smell (imagery)
• Using a thesaurus to add vivid verbs
and adjectives (Make sure you know
what the words mean.)
• Cutting out slang, foul language,
abbreviations, and “R.I.P.” words (cuz,
good, bad, w/ …)
A non-human thing is given
human qualities
Use dialogue to make your characters
come alive.
• Make sure that you start a new line
for each new character speaking.
• Use words other than said to help
your reader hear the true voice of
your character.
Simile & Metaphor
Simile – a comparison (of two unlike things)
using like or as
Metaphor – comparison (of two unlike things)
without using like or as
Use of a word indicating a sound
Repetition of a beginning sound
Lasting Impression
Include an ending that leaves your reader
• Reflect on what has happened to you.
• Suggest something for the reader to
think about or do.
• End with a creative description.
• Repeat your main point.
• Give a “so what”. Why is this story/essay
Editing and Proofing
• Read your paper for stylistic changes. Are the
words and sentences varied?
• Check your paper for formatting, spelling,
punctuation, and grammar issues.
• Do your pronouns have clear antecedents?
For a full checklist, visit www.MarkoThePencil.com