SI Units Quiz

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SI Units Quiz
This quiz reviews you
about the fundamental SI
Instructions for Quiz
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Question 1
What is the SI unit for length?
A. kilogram
B. kilometer
C. gram
D. meter
Question 2
What is the SI unit for temperature?
A. Degrees kelvin
B. Degrees Celsius
C. Degrees centigrade
D. kelvins
Question 3
What is the SI unit for mass?
A. pounds
B. kilograms
C. grams
D. mole
Question 4
What is the SI unit for time?
A. seconds
B. minutes
C. light year
D. There is no SI unit
for time.
Question 5
What is the SI unit for amount of a
A. gram
B. mole
C. kilogram
D. liter
Question 6
What is the SI unit for electric current?
A. volt
B. coulomb
C. ohm
D. ampere
Question 7
What is the SI unit for luminous intensity?
A. light years
B. calories
C. candelas
D. foot candles
Bonus Question
One liter is always defined as xxx.
A. a mass of one
B. a mass of one
C. the volume of one
cubic decimeter
D. the volume of one
cubic meter
End of quiz
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Measurements like milliliters, cubic centimeters, and
Celsius are used for convenience, but they are not SI
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