MN History/Fur Trading

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Transcript MN History/Fur Trading

Chapter 5

       Meeting of Ojibwe and white skinned strangers Tremendous changes ahead when they start trading furs with the Europeans Began in the early 1600’s (French) Furs for goods!

1700’s France and Great Britain/Huge business/Missionaries/Christianit y First settlements of the European was Montreal and Quebec Look at Maps on page 59, 61,62

   Furs for Europeans and goods for the Native Americans Beaver furs the best/Hats/symbol of power and rich in Europe( extinct in Europe) Cloths (explain), beads, kettles, tools ,and guns made life easier

  Early 1600s the Indians went to the Europeans, changed to Europeans coming to the Indians Canoes, snowshoes, toboggans, and spent winters in the villages of the Dakota and Ojibwe 




Three social classes of Europeans

Trader- owned trading post Clerk- wanted to become a trader some day (could read and write) Voyageur- Many French farmers, few could read and write   By the end of the 1700s few big companies controlled the trade.

Biggest was North West Company, competitors were Hudson Bay, and XY

Trader- Wealthy man in charge of the trading post

of a person in society (Social Class)

Social Status- position or rank

Clerk- Man who managed the day to day at a fur trading post

Voyageur- workman who

performed the physical labor of the fur trade (Traveling)

Portage- place were boats and

goods are carried overland from one stretch of water to another (Picture)

Rendezvous- annual summer meeting of traders, clerks, voyageurs, and NA

        Late each summer men sent out to set up trading posts for the winter.

St. Croix and Grand Portage.

NA in Autumn would find there wintering spot, trading posts followed Giishkiman (Elder), Michel Curot (Clerk), Toussaint Savoyard (Voyageur) Portages, and John Sayer (Trader) Indian Wife Winter rough- Explain Summer- Time to relax (Rendezvous) Pelts sent to Europe/Trading cycle started over 1804 the fur trade entered it final decades/French and British needed to be citizens to keep trading after the War of 1812/Times to be a changing for the Native Americans