Dangerous Waters Update

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Dangerous Waters
Serious Gaming meets Synthetic Training
Basic information
• Release 2005 (Commercial Version)
• Focus on SW and ASW
• Control of surface-, underwater- and air-units with focus
on tactical deployment
• 30 players in multiplayer mode
– classic mode: each player controls a unit
– stations mode: dividing stations of one unit between different
– any combination of both modes
Basic information
• Major non-commercial modifications:
Database editor
3D-model import via Autodesk Maya
Terrain and image overlays
HLA interface
Bathymetry overlays
Doctrine files
Commander mode
Basic information
• Most important extensions with German Navy
modifications I & II:
Implementation of Emitter/IFF in HLA interface
Upgrade to DIS/HLA-interface
Basic TDL-(Import-)interface (SIMPLE)
Generic German Sea Lynx
Generic German frigate
Use cases with TAUES
• The non-commercial version of DW
– is intended primarily as simulator for shipborne helicopters
• Shipborne helicopters as an integral part of the weapon system
‚frigate‘ are not incorporated in the EZ/AZs (reference sites)
• HC as training subject is hard to cover with present means
– can be used also as:
• Simulated bridge
for e.g. F124 frigate
• Maritime Patrol Aircraft
P3C as part of a scenario
• 3D scenario display
Use cases with TAUES
• Key aspects of DWNC‘s employment as shipborne
helicopter simulator:
– At present:
• Optical reconnaissance
• ASW with dipping sonar and torpedo
• Controllable by inexperienced users
(e.g. via waypoints, no joystick or flying experience required)
• If real pilot available, HC training is possible (e.g. during GST)
– Future capabilities (due to modifications)
• Self-reliant modification/extension of game database
• Employment of HMG in AAsymW
• Display of Link16-picture possible
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Admin points
• Licensee: TAUES
– 10 licenses (simultaneous use)
– unrestricted number of copies via TAUES
– 6 licenses for HLA-interface (in multiplayer network only the
server needs the HLA-interface)
– 1 license Autodesk Maya for conversion of 3D-models into
internal format
System requirements
• Minimum system requirements:
1 GHZ Processor
256 MB RAM
64 MB graphics adapter with DirectX 9.0b
Win 98SE
For multiplayer and/or usage of HLA-interface faster
hardware is required, but:
 On current ‘middle class’ hardware with Win XP/7
DWNC can be employed in every role without
Employment up to now
• NetOpFüEXER 2/10
– Scenario generator
• GST:
– Shipborne helicopter
• FST:
– Shipborne helicopter,
– Bridge (EZ/AZ F124)
• FST pierside:
– Shipborne helicopter,
– Bridge (F124)