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Salmon Arm’s Plan B:E

Building Sustainable Communities 2013

Kelowna, BC November 27/13 Warren Bell MD Salmon Arm, BC Plan B:E Board member

“Plan B”

• The Morning After Pill - Emergency Contraceptive • Organic Farms • a design resource for those who create high-end professional environments • the Trans Canada rerouting from New Haven to Bonshaw Prince Edward Island

Certified B Corporations are leading a global movement to

redefine success in business


Triple Bottom Line

A phrase coined in 1994 by John Elkington and later used in his 1997 book "Cannibals With Forks: The Triple Bottom Line Of 21st Century Business" describing the separate financial, social and environmental "bottom lines" of companies.

How our venture started….

• Aug/11 - WA:TER (Wetland Alliance: The Ecological Response) comes up with the idea of a positive event uniting business and the environment (Frank Bugala, Warren Bell) to counter-act the illusion of “jobs vs environment” – widespread as a result of a bruising community conflict over building a shopping centre in the delta/floodplain of the Salmon River • Sep/11 – plans set for “Reuniting Business and the Environment” – First United Church, Salmon Arm, BC October 26, 2011 • But…municipal election November, 2011 makes this seem “political” • Jim Barmby calls Warren Bell, says great idea, but wait till after the election • • Core group established…

Over a year of discussions, plans, meetings, projections….

Form 2 Society Act

1. The name of the society is Plan BE – People, Business, Environment Society Constitution 2. The purpose of the society is: to be a public forum, fostering respectful dialogue and building an all-inclusive community consensus, engaging people, business and the environment.

Bylaws The bylaws of the society are those set out in Schedule B to the Society Act, with the following addition: 63. All communications to members of the society will be considered adequate if carried out by email.

Dated February ,2013 _____________________________________________________________________ Witness applicants for incorporation ________________________________________________________________________

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community people business environment

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government diversity community people business environment

government community diversity social people business en vironment

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The Team

Jim Barmby

is Dean, Shuswap-Revelstoke Region, for Okanagan College since 2009; former Dean of Academic Affairs, DeVry Institute of Technology, 1994 - 2007

Warren Bell

completed a Family Medicine residency at McGill in 1976. Past Founding President of CAPE – Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment. President of WA:TER - Wetland Alliance: The Ecological Response.

Frank Bugala

B.Arch is an architect & planner, and member of CASSSA (Committee for a Strong Sustainable Salmon Arm) as Smart Growth Design Process Member

Bernie Desrosiers

is a former teacher from Alberta and founding president of Shuswap Settlement Services Society (2008), accepted to lead the Shuswap

Welcoming Communities Program


Violet Pilkey

graduated from the Okanagan College School of Business at the top of her class in June 2011; she now works for Mediability Corporate Communications, Playfort Publishing and the Shuswap District Arts Council.

Louise Wallace Richmond

is a business owner and publisher, with a Masters in Publishing from Simon Fraser. Awarded

Outstanding Woman in Business

in Salmon Arm in 2011

Bonnie Thomas

the Neskonlith Indian Band. She currently is the Executive Director of the Switzmalph Cultural Society.

is a skilled administrator, leader, organizer and former Councillor from

Kyle Dearing

is a local entrepreneur with a BA (Psychology) from UVic and a Diploma in Sustainable Development from SFU. He currently works for the Salmon Arm Economic Development Society, Rana Creek (a California ecological design firm), and does custom design work in social media.

Joanne Mason is executive director of Community Futures Salmon Arm, and former administrator of the Salmon Arm Downtown Improvement Association. Patricia Thurston is Executive Director of the Shuswap Family Resource Centre

“Plan B:E aims to establish and maintain open, respectful, and all-inclusive dialogue about a better way to work and live.”

Violet Pilkey

Mark Anielski New Society Publishers, May 2007

Engaged in applied research focused primarily on

natural capital accounting

, measuring the value of ecological goods and services and developing

alternative measures of economic progress

, including the

Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI)

and well-being measurement systems. Film on Mark Anielski from the IISD – International Institute for Sustainable Development

First Study to Measure the Wellbeing Impacts of the BC Construction Associations Employment Program November 12, 2013 BC’S STEP PROGRAM PAYS BACK GOVERNMENT FUNDING WITHIN 10 MONTHS, DELIVERS $8+ MILLION IN INCREMENTAL REVENUE

VICTORIA, BC, October 2, 2013 – A report published today by Mark Anielski of Anielski Management demonstrates that the British Columbia Construction Association’s (BCCA) Skilled Trades Employment Program (STEP) delivers both a positive quality-of-life impact for skilled workers and a timely return on taxpayer dollars.

Current Plan B:E initiatives

• Develop a website that is a hub for local, regional and global contacts and networking around making “community” • Support and promote events and groups in the community and region that foster dialogue and addressing important issues • Facilitate participation in creative ways, with a special emphasis on youth engagement

“Respect Lives Here” Community Capacity Building Symposium/Workshop Purpose:

 Building a community that embraces diversity and encourages civic engagement  Discovering a shared vision of the community we hope to be in ten years  Determining individual and community commitment to the collective vision  Providing tools and inclusive leadership skills needed to achieve the vision

Public Presentation: Charles Holmes

Wednesday, March 5 th , 7:30 p.m.

Guest Appearance: Peter Block via Skype.

Charles Holmes is a skilled facilitator and educator whose 18 years of experience has honed a passion for creating meaningful dialogue among groups whose diverse opinions would otherwise work against a common understanding of desired outcomes.

Charles' number one interest is helping groups to see the potential of what they might be able to create together; to acknowledge, but not be constrained by the past, and to explore opportunities for working together toward a common future.

Charles is co-founder and a part-time associate with the Learning Strategies Group in the Faculty of Business at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Endorsements include: Plan:BE Society

Community Futures

Shuswap Family Resource Centre

Salmon Arm Chamber

Salmon Arm Economic Development

City of Salmon Arm

City of Enderby

District of Sicamous

Splatsin Band

Columbia-Shuswap Regional District

School District #83


Faith Communities