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Transcript RecruitingRITAGOTTAMITA-RSWeek2

Week 2
Rising Stars
Teamwork is the ability to
work together toward a
common vision. The ability to
direct individual
accomplishments toward
organizational objectives. It is
the fuel that allows common
people to attain uncommon
results. ~Andrew Carnegie
Teamwork represents a set of values
that encourage behaviors such as
listening and constructively
responding to points of view
expressed by others, giving others
the benefit of the doubt, providing
support to those who need it, and
recognizing the interests and
achievements of others.
~ Katzenbach & Smith
And some dictionary definitions from
1. Cooperative or coordinated effort on the
part of a group of persons acting together as
a team or in the interests of a common cause.
2. Work done with a team.
Based on the Random House Dictionary, ©
Random House, Inc. 2010.
n. Cooperative effort by the members of a
group or team to achieve a common goal.
American Heritage® Dictionary of the English
Language, Fourth Edition
Enrolled February 2010
Senior Consultant- May 2010
Director- September 2010
Senior Director- September 2011
Executive Director- October 2011
Senior Executive Director- May 2012
National Executive Director- SOON!
“It is our job to
ask, it is their job
to accept or
Shari Hudspeth
 2010
Parties – 64 Total PV of
 2011 Parties – 98 Total PV of
 2012 Parties – 67 Total
PV of $52,715
April 2010- 1
May- 6
June- 1
July- 2
August- 3
September- 7
October- 4
Nov- 2
Dec- 3
January- 11
February- 4
June- 5
July- 14
August- 6
October- 7
November- 2
December- 1
January- 5
April- 3
May- 1
June- 6
July- 2
August- 3
At parties (hostess and
 Vendor Shows
 Online via many different
 Home office leads
 Out and about
 Word of mouth/referrals
Include a FAQ flyer in your hostess packet &
have recruiting packets with you
Go into the party with a recruiting mindset
Sprinkle recruiting seeds throughout your
presentation, showcase a WHY bag, 31
second commercial, examples of how 31 has
changed your life
Leave the hostess with how much she would
have made in commission from her party
Focus on the best deal we have – the
enrollment kit
When I choose to participate in a vendor
show, my top 2 goals are to book parties &
add to my team
Be ready to talk up the opportunity with
everyone you meet and have opportunity
packets ready to hand them
Don’t only look for vendor shows, also look
for job fairs
Rachel Embler is one of my first 3 directors
& was a recruit from a vendor show!!! She
is now a Senior Director!
Have some sort of web presence- blog, FB
group *Be sure to keep up with the P&P
and stay within regulations with everything
you do
Make smart FB posts about your job and
the income it provides without spamming
your friends
Develop a relationship with a blogger or
webmaster to do giveaways, this increases
your exposure & gets your name out there
Have a draft letter & respond right away via
email & follow up snail mail with a handwritten
Always call if you are given the contact info
Add leads via FB if possible
No sometimes means not now, just keep in
touch & don’t write people off-I’ve had HO
leads enroll almost a year after I got the
Kim Hess and Vanessa Brown were all HO
leads for me!!! Don’t assume what they want.
V only wanted to host a party but she enrolled
after we spoke.
Always carry our products with you
everywhere you go
Have business cards and minis with you or
recruiting packets
Talk up the opportunity, don’t be afraid to
approach someone or mention the
I have signed up people I met on the
beach, etc.
Word of mouth can make or break you so
remember to have GREAT customer
service at all times
If you don’t let people know you are a
consultant, how can they refer someone to
I have had many referrals turn into parties
& also recruits, some from friends of friends
on FB as well. When someone refers you,
be sure to reward them!
You need to continually add to your Gen 0 so
when folks drop out they can be replaced.
You have to sustain 4 PEQAs to stay a Director
and need a certain amount of Directors for all
other titles.
1 in 6 recruits will choose the leadership pathto get to SD you need 2, ED you need 4, SED
you need 8 and 16 for NED so you need to
continually recruit if you aspire to be in
upward leadership
No matter where you are, you’re always
halfway to the next goal!
Our “JOB” has unlimited potential
AND you get to be your own boss!
Find out her why, this is so importantremember it’s not the money but what the
money will DO
Let her do most of the talking, don’t
Explain the benefits of the job in a nutshell,
set your own schedule, be your own boss,
incentives, Dream Rewards, etc.
Form a relationship
Provide training and ideas to help them qualify
Strong Start call and push Start Swell kit
If you are NOT a director, know that your
director will do the training for your recruit
Answer questions and keep in close contact
Point them to TOT and do not answer
questions that can easily be found there teach them to fish do NOT fish for them
Help them realize how many parties they need
a month to reach the goals they have set
As each goose flaps its wings,
it creates uplift for the birds
that follow. By flying in a “V”
formation, the whole flock
adds 71 percent greater
flying range than if each bird
flew alone.
People who share a common
direction and sense of
community can get where
they are going more quickly
and easily because they are
traveling on the thrust of one
Create you own 31 commercial and tell 6
new people about the business
opportunity between now and the 7th.
Email your WHY to your partner and to me.
Think about 3 NEW people who you think
would benefit from what we have to offer
at Thirty-One. Contact them and send
them an opportunity packet.
Listen to any of the archived recruiting calls on
TOT and write down your 3 big AHA’s. Share
with a 31 friend, teammate, or your director.
Here are some suggestions, Changing Your
Perspective by Martine Williams or How to
Recruit at Parties by Jennifer Pasalakis.
Be a Recruiting SuperstarMary Christensen
 Network Marketing For
Dummies –Zig Ziglar
 Your First Year in Network
Marketing- Mark Yarnell