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IT Services at Hanken
Introduction days Jan 2015
Kicka Lindroos
ICT coordinator, computer centre
© Hanken Svenska handelshögskolan / Hanken School of Economics, www.hanken.fi
Hanken IT-services in your
Most things you do at Hanken involves IT services
Course registration– Exam registration
Your schedule
Course materials – Handing in assignments
E-books – Articles – Borrowing books
Wireless network– Printing/Scanning/Copying
E-mail – Office programs – Statistical programs
Hanken computers
© Hanken
… Hanken SYSTEMs in your
Most of what you do at Hanken needs IT-SYSTEMs of sort
WEBOODI – Course description – Course registration– Exam
registration – Course evaluation ...
SCHEMA – Your schedule
MOODLE – Learning platform: Course materials – Assignments - Discussions
HANNA/FINNA/NELLI – E-books – Articles – borrow books
EDUROAM – HOPENET – Wireless networks
E-PRINT– EQUITRACK – Printing – scanning – copying
OFFICE 365 – E-mail, One Drive,
© Hanken
WebOOdi – course
description and registration
(Gamla kurser:
© Hanken
Schema – you can save your own
schedule if logged in
Course materials, assignments,
discussions during the course –
© Hanken
… the new web 12.1.15…
© Hanken
… most systems you find under
Tools and
shortcuts visible
when you are
logged in!
Tool description
with ”mouse
over” or click
”List of Tools”
Follow the news!
© Hanken
Important – Information
security - Trust!
• Right to a user-id
when your study right is
= register for the semester
• Personal!!!
We guarantee to other
organisations and services that
you are you!
... That a student is a student ...
 Gives you more and better
services with one user-id and
(Shibboleth)– services
offered by other
universities and within
Hanken –Moodle, Finna,
JOOPAS, .. ..., ...
© Hanken
Your user-id
Your e-mail address
• Your user-id: ”s141516”
(your student number with and ”s” in front)
• Your password – see that you use different passwords
for Hanken and other non Hanken IT-services
(gmail, FB, ...)!
• Your e-mail address:
[email protected]
• For your studies
• For information about your studies and Hanken
• For important information about your user account
– but we never ever ask for your password!!!
• Don´t answer fishing messages!!  your
account closes
© Hanken
Computers and Printing
• Hanken computers– 4th floor,
learning lab, library
• Software on Hanken
computers – Office programs,
statistical programs, what you
need for your courses
• Special programs in A406
• For your own computer
– licens for F-secure virus
software, statistical software
(SPSS, Oxmetrics)
Copying – 4th floor,
learning lab, bookstore
Credits – IB
The printer key –
makes login to the
printer easier – from
© Hanken
Wireless network
EduRoam, Hopenet and e-print
– HopeNet i Helsinki
– HankWlan Vaasa
Eprint.hanken.fi – wireless
–works at Hanken and many
universities – millions of users
- login: [email protected]
– läs mer på IKT-bloggen:
E-print – läs mer på IKTbloggen:
© Hanken
E-mail and Office365
New students (s141516)–
office365.hanken.fi –
Microsoft Office cloud
Old students – Webmail
– possible to change during
the semester
© Hanken
Software and keys
Software server
Keys to access the
building nights and
- from the bookstore IB –
© Hanken
[email protected]
InfoBITen – IT helpdesk by the Service
Point open daily 10 - 13
User-id, password, e-mail problems
[email protected]
www.hanken.fi – Studies – Services
fo students - IT services
The teacher helps with the software needed
for during class.
© Hanken
© Hanken Svenska handelshögskolan / Hanken School of Economics, hanken.fi