Javita 3-Step System of Duplication

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Prepare l Share l Party
Javita 3-Step System of Duplication
Step 3: PARTY
Coffee parties are not just the way we
successfully launch your business, but the
ultimate KEY to success in Javita.
• Enthusiasm and Excitement!!!
• Invite like you would to your
child’s Birthday
• Invite all the people you have
already sold and sampled coffee
to (this should not be their 1st
• Confirm guests the day of or the
day before
– How to Avoid the “Maybe”
Getting Party Ready “Javita Style”
• Have enough coffee out for
• Have both HOT and COLD
• Make sure cups are large
enough to accommodate ice,
creamer, water…etc.
• Coffee is an indulgent, cozy
experience for many so
duplicate that at your event
Getting Party Ready “Javita Style”
• Be sure to have a variety of
creamers (seasonal ones are
fun too)
• A tray of light
snacks……..nothing too
• Get creative with your set-up
you want it to be inviting and
When the Guests Arrive…
• Greet your guests at the door
or have your presenter help
with this:
– Ask: “Would you like your
coffee hot or cold?”
– Never Ask: “Do you want to
try the coffee?”
• Lead them to the kitchen and
make this a hands on process.
• Get the coffee in their hands
as soon as they get there.
Coffee Talk
• Continue to greet new
guests as they enter the
• Smile, be upbeat!!!
• Talk about your
personal success with
the coffee, how easy it
is to make, etc
Coffee Talk
• Do not try and give a
mini presentation to
your guests
• Introduce your
presenter to your
guests individually
• Allow people to
mingle and get to
know each other
Party Tips
• Before the party the presenter
needs to pull the host aside and
let them know they need to
“Open the Party”
– Welcome the guests
– Tell Personal Success
Story with the Coffee
– Why you’re excited about
the business
– Edify the speaker--
Party Etiquette
• Silence and put away cell
• Motion late arrivals to the
presentation, do not get up and
make them coffee
• Sit among your guests through
the entire presentation
• Participate and be engaged
• Keep sidebar conversations to
a minimum
High Energy
Be excited
Facts TELL, stories SELL
Invite Participation
Always Be Closing
Get their FB status
updated ASAP!
• The million dollar question “Do you see an
opportunity for yourself with this?”
– If response is NO: “Which coffee are you
interested in trying? Let’s get you over here to
order and save $$!”
– If response is Unsure: “What question do you
have?” Answer the question and then ask “Do
you see an opportunity for yourself?”
– If response is YES: Reach for the pen and paper
and help them get their application completed
Next Steps
• Book their party at the party no
later than 7-10 days from the time
they sign up!!!
• Teach them how to use FB
• It’s about the PULL not the PUSH
• The coffee party is essential to every
Member’s success, critical to every
team’s growth, and the driving force
of where we are and what will make
Javita a Billion Dollar Company
It’s Party Time
• New Member Alerts….Welcome
Call & Book a Party
• Get Comfortable with being
• Create a Coffee Party Culture
• Parties=New Members=Parties
– Number of Parties weekly
indicates the strength of your
Prepare l Share l Party
Javita 3-Step System of Duplication