SharePoint 2010: Managed Metadata and Search

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Transcript SharePoint 2010: Managed Metadata and Search

SharePoint 2010: Managed Metadata
and Search
Vili Bogdan
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Presentation Outline
What is metadata?
Where/how is it used?
Benefits of using metadata
What is the Managed Metadata Service?
Managed Metadata Service demo
Search in SharePoint 2010
What is new in SharePoint Search in 2010?
SharePoint 2010 Search Demo
What is metadata?
• Traditional definition: “Data about data”
• Provides information about a certain item, be
it about its content or external attributes
• Examples:
– A car has a make, model, production year, colour,
– A music player has a manufacturer, capacity,
colour, etc.
– A Word document has an author, a created date, a
subject, a location, etc.
Where/how is it used?
• Metadata is used everywhere in the digital
• Metadata can be created without any user
• Metadata can be used to reduce the time it
takes to find the content relevant to you
• Examples:
– Documents last modified by me in the past three
– Invoices related to Client A in a document library.
Benefits of using metadata
• Information is easier to find
– Can be used to filter content
– Makes it easier to find related content
– Enhances the ability to determine at a glance if
the content is relevant to your task at hand
• Can be leveraged to improve business
– Control the flow of a business workflow
– Automatically organize content
– Control document retention
Common metadata challenges
• Standardization of terminology
– Using the same terms across multiple departments
or sites
– Synonyms: There are often multiple ways of
referring to the same thing
– Providing terminology for multiple languages
• Management of metadata
– Delegation of management for unrelated
– Migration of the terminology between
• Training
Managed Metadata Service
• Central location for management of:
– Terms
– Content Types
• Provides ability to define:
– Term hierarchy
– Synonyms
– Language-specific terms
• Can be shared across the corporation and
even between corporations
• Can delegate management of unrelated terms
Managed Metadata Limitations
• No web based InfoPath support
• No support in Office 2007
• Can’t be edited in SharePoint Workspace if
the field is not marked as required
• Can’t be used at all in SharePoint Workspace
if the field is marked as required
• Can’t edit Managed Metadata values in
Datasheet mode
• Can’t use “Begins With” or “Contains”
operators for filters in views
Managed Metadata Limitations – Part 2
• Care is needed in SharePoint Designer when
comparing managed metadata fields
• Can’t be used in calculated fields
• Maximum of 250 terms per Managed Metadata
• Taxonomy feature isn’t activated on the Blank
Site Template
• Can’t add a Managed Metadata Column
through SharePoint Designer
Managed Metadata
A Divider
SharePoint Search
SharePoint 2010 Search improvements
• Boolean query syntax for free-text queries and for
property queries
– Example: ("SharePoint Search" OR "Live Search") AND
(title:"Keyword Syntax" OR title:"Query Syntax")
• Prefix matching for search keywords and document
– Examples: “micro*” would find documents that contain
“Microsoft” or “microchip”
• Suggestions: while typing search queries or after queries
have been run
• Refinement panel
• People search: phonetic name matching and nickname
matching, self search
• Many more improvements
SharePoint Search
2010 Demo
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