Welcome to COE321: Logic Design

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Transcript Welcome to COE321: Logic Design

Welcome to COE212: Engineering Programming

  Instructor: Wissam F. Fawaz    Office 103, Bassil bldg.

Email: [email protected]

  All week long: What is computer programming?

 Introduction to the JAVA programming language

Course description

 This course  Consists of an introduction to programming in JAVA  With an emphasis on developing well-structured programs  Covers  the principles of object oriented programming  the JAVA language and  the JAVA class libraries

Course learning objectives

  You are expected to be able to Become familiar with the object oriented paradigm  Understand the main concepts of JAVA  Read a JAVA program and suggest improvements   Write your own JAVA code to solve interesting real world problems

Reasons to attend this class

 Obvious reasons This course is part of your curriculum requirements   The opportunity  to learn a leading edge programming language with worldwide acceptance, that is JAVA Being object oriented, JAVA is a pedagogical vehicle for modern software engineering and programming concepts   More important reasons:  With the massive prominence of the Internet Web-ready application programs are becoming the dominant software model  JAVA is the programming language for the internet

Why you shouldn’t take this course?

 You are not ready for hard work  You don’t have 4 hours/week  You just want to sit and listen  You are not ready to take the initiative  Only key concepts will be covered in class  Students are expected to read the rest from the book

Assessment & grading

 Lab (if applicable)/HWs/Quizzes 25%  Exam I 20%  Exam II  Final 25% 30%

Frequently Asked Questions

 All exams are closed-book and time limited  Exams consist of coding and multiple choice questions  All homeworks  must be handed in at the beginning of the class in which they are due  All course material is available at:  http://www.wissamfawaz.com/engineering_programming.htm