Tessellations and the Human Eye

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Transcript Tessellations and the Human Eye

Tessellations and the Human Eye By: Mrs. Hockman

Perception Your eye is one of your sensory organs. It relays information from the outside world to your brain.

How do optical illusions work?

Trick your brain into misreading what is occurring in the outside world.

• Coloring • Shading • Positions

Tessellation A tessellation is a picture that uses the same repeating shapes to cover an area without overlapping each other or leaving empty spaces.

Transformations • Rotation (turns on a central point) • Reflection (flip) • Translation (slide)




Your Assignment Create 3 tessellations (5” by 5” min.) You must represent one that you used rotation to create.

One that you used translation to create.

And one that you used reflection to create. Turn them in tomorrow with your name on the back with the name of the transformation that is being highlighted.