Anne Hathaway by Carol Ann Duffy

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Transcript Anne Hathaway by Carol Ann Duffy

‘Anne Hathaway’
by Carol Ann Duffy
‘My lover’s
words were
shooting stars’
Remembrance ‘I hold him’
What Does This
Shows her admiration for this
The narrator cannot physically
hold her dead husband. We can
assume she refers to the idea of
him which she holds onto when
she says ‘I hold him’.
‘now echo’
Although her husband is gone
the reminiscent of him remains.
Like an echo that follows a
sound after it has finished. Her
husband is gone, she can still
feel his presence in love.
‘In the casket of
my head’
She holds the memory of her
dead husband dearly. A casket
is a box for precious things or
another word for a coffin.
How Does This Help Us
Understand The Character?
• She loves him and
remembers him
• The sonnet form of
the poem is a tribute
to Shakespeare –
who wrote many love
sonnets in his lifetime.
How Is Structure Used In This
Sonnet form
Shakespeare was known for his significant
work with sonnets. This poem is written in
sonnet form. This sonnet can be described
as a tribute to her lost husband who
devoted his life to sonnets and poetry.
Iambic Pentameter
The lines in this poem are written in iambic
pentameter meaning the syllables in each
line amount to 10.
Iambic pentameter is the closet form of
poetry to natural speech. This allows the
reader to relate to the poem which is more
clearly portrayed to them.
This also gives the speaker a realistic
Enjambment is the continuation of a sentence or
clause over a line-break. Duffy allows the
sentences of the poem to end in the same place
as regular line-breaks. In other terms
punctuation is absent at the end of a line.
Enjambment is one way of creating audible
interest as it allows the flow of reading. This
creates a conversational tome to the poem. This
device allows the poem to carry a realistic voice,
also making the poem more personal, allowing
the reader to relate to the narrator and their
The last two lines in the poem rhyme. This
makes sure the reader remembers these last to
lines as emphasis of their love is created.
Use of Hyphen
At the end of line 12 a hyphen is present. This
creates a pause which enables the reader to
take in what is being said and absorb how much
she misses her ‘living laughing love’.
The poem is successful because…
• The fact that it was narrated by
Shakespeare's wife plays a huge factor in
its success.
• It is also about Shakespeare, and his
What poem does this compare with?
‘Anne Hathaway’ can be compared to the poem
‘Havisham’, also by Carol Ann Duffy.
Both poems have a female persona who has lost a
man. The contrast between these poems is that ‘Anne
Hathaway’ tells us about losing a loved one and
remembering the good times they had together,
whereas in ‘Havisham’, the persona is telling of her
hate for the man who left her.
What other poem does this compare
‘Anne Hathaway’ can also be compared with ‘On my first Sonne’ by
Ben Jonson. Both poems are about the death of a loved one.
‘Anne Hathaway’ is Shakespeare’s wife remembering how good her
relationship with her husband was. ‘On my first Sonne’ is a father
remembering his dead son.
Both ‘Anne Hathaway’ and ‘On my first Sonne’ are written with iambic
pentameter, with ten beats to each line to give them a realistic, plain
speaking voice.