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Revenue Cycle
“Industry Leader in PM/RCM/EMR Solutions for
Rural Health Clinics ”
Dedicated to RHC’s
RHC UB-04/Split-Billing Experts
RHC Customized Reporting and Statistics
RHC Revenue Cycle Management/Billing Service
RHC Specific Workshops & Training
Over 24 years of Unmatched Customer Service
Relationship with many RHC’s and RHC organizations across the US
AMS Staff Members serve on National RHC Committee as well as local RHC Board of
Preferred Partner for The South Carolina Office of Rural Health
“I would recommend AMS Software to any Rural Health Clinic in
the country. They are a thought-leader on practice management
software and have been a great partner for the South Carolina
Office of Rural Health and many of the state’s Rural Health
Mark Griffin, Chief Operating Officer
South Carolina Office of Rural Health
RHC Services
Practice Management System Designed for Split-Billing
RHC Reports Including:
Bad-Debt Report
Flu-Pneumonia Logs
Annual RHC Evaluations
Revenue Cycle Management
Electronic Medical Records Interface with ONC-ATCB Certified Application
Cloud Web Hosting
UB-04/Fee-For-Service Capability through integrated Clearinghouse
Electronic Patient Statements with new State-of-the-Art Patient Pay Service
Integrated Credit Card Processing
On-site, Personalized training
Practice Management
Over 6 years of R&D Specifically for RHC Split-Billing
Used by the South Carolina Office of Rural Health as a Primary Billing Tool
Customizable Scheduler
RHC Specific Reporting
I am a billing specialist for the
User Friendly
SC Office of Rural Health and
we use AMS Software for our
billing system. It works great
for splitting the charges on the
UB-04. Our Rural Health
Clients love the system and the
staff is great to work with!
Lindsay, Billing Specialist
SC Office of Rural Health
Customizable Scheduler
Up to 10 Columns that can be customized by Provider/Patient Type/Service Type
Email/Text Message Reminders
Easy to schedule and move appointments
Very user friendly and adaptable to the workflow of each office
We use AMS to bill for our
RHC billing clients and
AMS is one of the main
key factors to our success.
The team is great to work
with and the software
handles split-billing
Jessica Makela, Billing
SC Office of Rural Health
Revenue Cycle Management
• Experts in RHC Split Billing
• Allows you to Increase Cash Flows while Reducing Costs
• RHC’s are our ONLY focus
• We file your insurance, post payments, follow up on any denials, and
send statements to the patient
• Our #1 Goal Is TO Get You Paid On EVERY Claim That Leaves Your
Increase Revenue/Efficiency
Copyright 2011 Patagonia Health, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Revenue Cycle Management
- Patient
- Scheduling
- Payments Entered
- Check In
- A/R Management
- Collect Co-Pay
- Statements
Check Out
- Customized
- ICD-9/ICD-10
from EMR
- Filed to
Electronic Medical Records
• Fully Featured, Comprehensive EHR
Federally Certified for Meaningful Use
• Ready for Stage 2 MU compliance
• Electronic Prescription
• Interface to Laboratories (Labcorp, Quest)
• Advanced Features
• Patient Portal,
• Secure Messaging
Consistency / Compliance / Control
Copyright 2011 Patagonia Health, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Cloud/Web ASP Model
Cloud/Web ASP Model
• Hosted Data in the AMS Cloud
• Data is protected from Fire/Theft/Natural Disasters
• Virus Protection
• Access your data from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME
• Data is backed up to 3 different locations several times per day
• Limits IT expenses for the office
• Limited Hardware needed for Implementation
Patient Statements
• No change to the workflow of the office
• We Print, Fold, Stuff and Mail the Statements and DECREASE COSTS
• Office can view the exact statement that is mailed to the patient
• Fast Delivery Time = Increased Cash Flow
• Receive more $$ in less time with tear-off coupon and return envelope
• Optional - With Patient Pay Technology we can send up to three
eStatements before sending paper statements to reduce your costs
• “Instant Integration” with AMS’ PMS
• Reduce cost of current billing process
• Provide clear online statements for patients
• Speed time to process and post payments
• Decrease errors
• Drive patient satisfaction
Credit Card Processing
• Integrated Credit Card Processor on the Keyboard
• Payment is automatically posted to the patient account
• Lower your processing fees for increased margins
• Interface Is Simple to use and makes workflow more efficient for the
front office staff
See what a few other RHC’s in your area are saying about our Products and
AMS fits the needs of our Rural Health Clinic. The
customer support is outstanding! Every issue is resolved
within the day. The AMS Team made the transition to a
new billing system very smooth and successful
Angi, Billing Manager
Edgefield Medical Clinic
Edgefield, SC
AMS is the ideal PM system for RHC’s. It is very user friendly
and easy to navigate. AMS also offers a great customer
support team to help resolve any issue. I would strongly
recommend AMS to any Medical Office.
Jennifer, Office Manager
Peaschtree Medical Center
Edgefield, SC
I would recommend AMS to
anyone! The System is so easy
and the customer support is
wonderful! Changing PM
systems was not something I
was looking forward to, but
AMS made the transition very
Tracey, Office Manager
Healthwise Family Practice
Barnwell, SC
[email protected]
Investor Relations