Orientation - Ashley Ridge High School

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Transcript Orientation - Ashley Ridge High School

Welcome to
New Teacher Orientation
Ashley Ridge High School
Media Center
Welcome Packet
 Media
Guidelines for Classroom
 Guidelines for Using Videos in the
 Request Form to Show a Video
 Teacher’s Guide to the Media Center
 Information Students Need to Know
 ETV StreamlineSC QuickStart
Media Staff
 Maylene
Alejandro-Edna Spencer
Media Specialists
 Donna
Moran-Media Clerk
The Media Center’s Mission
ARHS Media Center is committed to-- providing resources, services and
instruction that support the
 meeting the informational needs of
students and staff
 promoting literacy and a lifelong love
of reading.
Media Center Hours
Monday -Friday
6:45 am – 3:30 pm
Available Equipment
Ellison Machine-Letter Stencils
Poster Maker
Multimedia Cart
DVD Players
DVD/VCR Players
Cassette/CD Players
Video Camera & Tripod
Color Photocopier
Color Printer
Print and AV Resources
more than 17,000 books
676 DVD’s
20 Periodicals
1 newspaper (Summerville
Journal Scene)
Post & Courier available online
Online Resources
DISCUS-contains several databases related to all areas of
the curriculum
URL: www.scdiscus.org
Username: discus14
Password: research
CIS (SCOIS)-Career information
URL: www.scois.net
Username: ashleyridge
Password: highschool
Site ID:
Media Services
Book Talks/Book Passes
 Bibliographies
 Library instruction
 Media Center Orientation
 Collaboration on curriculum units
 Pull and reserve materials for
classroom assignments
 Laminating
Media Services (continued)
Making posters
 Staff development/training sessions
 Schedule use of media center and
professional library/conference room
We do not use the School Fusion
calendar to schedule use of the
media center, the conference room
or the media center computers.
Media Center Web Page
Scheduling Classes in the
Media Center
 Review
“Media Guidelines for
Classroom Teachers”.
 Schedule with the Media Specialists
as far in advance as possible.
 Submit a copy of lesson plan,
worksheet or assignment details.
 Accompany class to the media center
and remain with the class.
Scheduling (continued)
 Seat
students together in one area.
 Have students remain in their seats
until the bell rings.
 Substitutes may not bring classes to
the media center.
 Please verify that sufficient resources
are available before scheduling in the
media center.
Scheduling (continued)
Please verify that sufficient resources
are available before scheduling in the
media center
Limit groups to four members
Two classes may be scheduled
during non-lunch periods.
Sending Students to the
Media Center
 Students
must sign in and sign out.
 Please send no more than two
students from a class to do research.
 Send students on a written pass or
use the agenda book (owner only).
 Indicate on the pass the student’s
first and last name, the assignment
to be completed and a return time if
student is to return to class.
Sending Students (continued)
 Sign
your first and last name on the
 Do not write passes for students who
are not doing an assignment for you.
 Do not send student volunteers to sit
in the media center.
 Subs may not send students to the
media center (Note this in your lesson
Checking Out & Reserving
Teachers have unlimited checkouts for
books and DVDs for as long as needed.
Check DVD’S out at the desk to avoid
setting off the security alarm.
 Return items as soon as you are finished
with them so others may use them.
 Teachers are responsible for any lost or
damaged materials.
 Teachers may request that books related
to a current class assignment be pulled
and placed on “Reserve” for their classes.
Use of Computers
 Schedule
use of media computers
with the media specialists.
 Provide a copy of the assignment
prior to the visit.
 Check to see that all students have a
current AUP on file.
 Make sure all students are wearing
their IDs.
 Complete the seating chart as soon
as students are seated.
Use of Computers (continued)
 Students
are not allowed to play
games or email.
 Sharing may be necessary. We have
students who are assigned to the
media center to complete online
courses or dual credit assignments.
We also have some class periods
when all computer labs are blocked
out for APEX.
 Testing gets priority.
Guidelines for Using Videos
 Use
Streamline SC when available
 Face-to-face teaching that relates to
the current teaching unit
 Must be previewed by teacher
 No R-rated movies
 Use caution with substitutes
 Complete appropriate form for videos
brought from home, rented or taped
Your Input is Important
 Recommend
resources that are
related to your curriculum at any
time (ongoing “Want” File)
 Complete
 Offer
media surveys
to serve on Media Advisory
We are willing to work with you at all
stages of planning and development of
class units and projects.
Just give us advance warning.
Faculty Book Swap
The media center coordinates a faculty
book swap. Books are housed in
the professional library/conference
Teachers may contribute books to be
shared with other faculty members.
You may take a book in exchange for a
book, or you may borrow a book and
return it when you finish reading it.
Contact Numbers
Maylene – 52090
 Edna - 52091
 Donna’s desk- 52007
We are not always able to check
email immediately so call Donna’s
desk if you need a quick response.