Accounts Receivable and Impairments

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Transcript Accounts Receivable and Impairments

Accounts Receivable and Impairments

Review of Accounting for Accounts Receivable

• Typically recognize sales revenue at sale

Accounts Receivable Sales Revenue 840 840

• What about estimated uncollectibles?

– Same issue with other assets that may be worth less than carrying value (inventory, PP&E, etc.)

Allowance method

• Generally required for financial reporting • Record estimated bad debt expense and accounts receivable contra account at sale

Bad Debt Exp. (or Sales contra) 8.4

Allow. For DA (AR contra) 8.4

• Net income effect at time of sale

• No net income effect at time of write-off

Allowance for Doubtful Accounts 1.2

Accounts Receivable 1.2

• Reverse out entry if later collected

Accounts Receivable 1.2

Allowance for DA 1.2

• Match revenue & expenses in period of sale • Records net accounts receivable at expected cash collection • Discretion in estimating bad debt expense

• Adjust estimate at period-end if necessary • How to estimate bad debts?

– Percentage of sales – Aging of accounts receivables – Often A. and B. are used in combination

Allowance for DA Bad Debt Expense 0.8


To reduce allowance based on period-end A/R

• Other applications – Sales return and cash discounts – Inventory obsolescence

From Coke’s 10-K


(Gross) Accounts Receivable Allowance for Doubtful Accounts Beg. Bal.

Beg. Bal.

Write-offs Bad Debt Exp.

Credit Sales Collections Write-offs Ending Bal.

Ending Bal.


(Gross) Accounts Receivable Beg. Bal.

$1,941(B/S) Credit Sales Collections $19,564 (I/S) $19,322 (Plug) Allowance for Doubtful Accounts Beg. Bal.

$59 (B/S) Write-offs Bad Debt Exp.

$31 (10-K) $27 (10-K) Ending Bal.

$2,152 (B/S) Write-offs $31(10-K) Ending Bal.

$55 (10-K)

Other Allowances and Reserves

• Impairment allowances – If PP&E is not expected to return its net BV

Impairment Loss PP&E (or contra) 100 100

– Depreciate based on remaining life and new book value – Take the B/S and I/S hit when the value drops

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Warrantee Allowance

• Set up allowance for expected liability when you sell the product

Warrantee Expense 40 40 Warrantee Liability

• When you pay to fix it or replace it

Warrantee Liability Cash (or Inventory) 40 40

Restructuring Reserves

• Set up a reserve for unavoidable costs and impairments when you begin a restructuring

Loss on Restructuring Restructuring Liability PP&E (or contra) 100 40 60

• Reverse out the liability when you pay cash

Restructuring Liability 40 Cash 40

• Depreciate remaining PP&E balance over remaining life