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Group Purchasing Organizations and
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing –
Presented By: Champion Group Purchasing Organizations of H2E
Sources of health and environmental impacts
H2E Commitment… work with
administration to front line workers
Sample Environmental Programs
 Energy Efficiency
 Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
 Glutaraldehyde/ EtO Elimination
 Green Construction, Renovation & Design
 HIPAA/Confidential Paper mgmt
 Integrated Pest Management
 Mercury elimination
 Pharmaceutical mgmt
 Red bag waste minimization
 Recycling programs
 Single-Use Device Reprocessing
 Solvent Recovery
 Universal waste recycling
 Water Conservation
Alta Bates Summit Medical Ctr. Oakland, CA
Recycled 757 tons of mixed paper, bottles & cans and over 50% of
construction debris.
 Implemented equipment reuse program, saving $53,500 in first year.
Kaiser Permanente Hawaii Region, Honolulu, HI
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing program, including green
fabrics, panel and tack boards
 Construction Recycling
 Mercury Free Purchasing Policy
 Retrofit of Garage Lighting with energy savings of $30,427.
St. Joseph Mercury Health System, Ann Arbor, MI
Xylene and alcohol recovery
Elimination of mercury containing lab chemicals
Transition from Glutaraldehyde to OPA
Greener Cleaners in public areas
Construction of waste material handling and recovery area.
Foote Health System, Jackson, MI
Reduced red bags from 180 to 105 tons, saving $44,100/year.
Implemented energy conservation program
Single use device reprocessing with savings of $56,281/year.
Bronson Methodist Hospital, Kalamazoo, MI
Converted disposable admission kit to reusable savings over $36,000
Converted PC monitors from CRTS to LCDs, saving $21,800 per year in
energy costs.
Switched to Micro Fibre Mops, reducing water use by 480,000 gallons of
water and 13,000 gallons of cleaning chemicals.
Donated 9 tons of medical equipment and furniture
10% staff pay incentive to environmental program improvement.
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, NH
 Recycled 40% of waste in 2004 – 375 tons of paper, 417 tons of
corrugated, 29 tons of glass and metal, 30 tons of scrap metal, 18
tons of universal waste, donated 142 tons of pallets, medical
supplies, computers and track materials.
Sparrow Health System, Lansing, MI
Red bag reduction – suction canister reduction by 15,000 pounds per year.
Alternative to Ethylene Oxide
Implementation of Micro Chemistry practices reducing RMW by 7,800 pounds per year.
University of Michigan Hospitals & Health Centers, Ann Arbor, MI
Strengthened EPP program with Design Group to set standard including paper, carpets,
wall coverings, wastebaskets.
Chemical tracking system for sharing and reduction.
Donation program including furniture, medical supplies, cell phones, mattresses, eye
Recycling captured 934.5 tons of material.
M-bay material sharing program written up as H2E Case Study.
Catholic Health Care West, SF, CA
Implementation of mercury free purchasing policy
Reduction of waste by 9% and haz waste by 23%.
Decreased energy use by 7%
Organic Garden, composting food and biodiesel fuel.
MORE Success!
Red Bag Reduction by 16%
Recycled 164 tons of boxes
Removed 125 lbs. of mercury
Purchased 35% post consumer paper
Organic and pesticide Free Garden
Saved $21,000 reprocessing items
Collected 696 thermometers in exchange
Closed On site incinerator
Donated 4.7 tons of food.
Purchased 325 Energy Star computers
Donated 1 ton of desks, beds, TV and others
Recycled 260 gallons of xylene
Returned 1,334 lbs of outdated nonhazardous drugs and 41 lbs of
outdated hazardous pharmaceuticals to a reverse distributor
Recycled 112 tons of paper
Collected 57 flower vases to return to florist
Eliminated daily newspaper delivery to patients saving $18,000 and
eliminating 9,100 pounds of waste.
Recycled 1.5 tons of waste oil
Sold approximately 150 computer systems per year to staff with
$30,000 income and diversion of 3 tons of waste.
Champion GPOs
 Gina Pugliese RN MS, Premier, Inc
 Dee Ann Cross, R.N., M.S., Novation
 Lisa Kidd, Associated Purchasing Services
 Michelle L. Kraus, Pharm.D., MedAssets
Supply Chain Systems
 Annetta Nellams, Broadlane
 Jean Livingston, RN, PhD, Consorta, Inc.
 Jason Pitts, MHA, MBA, Amerinet
Learn about your GPO
1. What are your GPO’s current Environmental or "greener"
projects or contracts that you're working on?
2. What is your company's mission statement? Is there language
addressing a commitment to public health and the
3. How do you communicate customers’ needs to manufacturers
and how can a hospital get their concerns or requests for
guidance to the GPO? What are the mechanisms for multi
departmental participation in material and program evaluation?
4. Do you have a newsletter or other formal method of sharing
educational or new contract information? If not, how is
information shared with customers?
5. What is your web link where customers can access EPP
For More Information on EPP Contracts
 Broadlane:
 Novation: [email protected]
(customers only) Public:
Associated Purchasing Services
Premier -
Consorta –