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Opportunities for Cost
Peter Larmour
Sustainable Development Invest NI
Invest NI Sustainable Development
• Support for businesses with a total annual expenditure
of more than £30k on water, energy and raw materials
• Free Resource Efficiency Audit
• Free 5-day Technical Consultancy on energy,
materials, water, transport, environmental management
and renewable energy
• Industrial Symbiosis
• Financial assistance
Resource Efficiency Audit
• A free 1 day general audit to help identify and prioritise
actions to reduce the cost of water, energy and materials
• Report will present findings and recommendations with
advice on resource cost reduction
Technical Consultancy
• Free 5-day Technical Consultancy to develop projects in
energy, materials, water, transport, environmental
management and renewable energy
• Consultancy will identify costs and payback for resource
efficiency projects. The main part of the consultancy is to
help implement projects
• Identify and help quantify financial assistance
Financial Assistance Capital Grants
• Capital Grants of up to £40k are available to support Invest NI
clients to design, purchase and install new equipment to
reduce water and materials costs
• Up to 40% of costs are eligible for SMEs.
• It is not for projects which are designed mainly to save
energy. Assistance for this is through the Carbon Trust
Interest-Free Loan
Financial Assistance, Interest-Free Loans
• Interest-Free Loans from £3k to £400k are available through
the Carbon Trust
• Level of Loan is determined by energy cost savings and
Carbon Dioxide reduction
• Details of how to apply and loan calculator are on the
Carbon Trust Northern Ireland website
• Assistance is available in providing data for loan
Industrial Symbiosis
• Invest NI also provides ‘industrial symbiosis’ services
which help generate opportunities to identify and match
excess resource in one business with resource
requirements in another business
• Areas covered include waste, transport, storage, skills,
production capacity and energy
• See
Invest NI Business Information
Contact for Invest NI Sustainable
Development Programmes
• Email
• [email protected]
• Phone
• 028 9069 8868