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Built to Last: How Training Organisations
Support Administrations in Weathering
the Storms – the Malta Experience
Joanna Genovese
Director, Training & Development
Centre for Development, Research and
Resilient Public Administrations...
In times of economic strife?
Wave after wave... Public Administrations need
to withstand the challenge
Waves of
• Political turmoil, change and its ripple effects
• Structures built around exigencies of
• Developing leadership post-appointment
• Macro challenges for administrations
• Economic realities
• Unstructured mobility & performance
Change in Government
New Leadership, new focus, new structures
Principal Permanent Secretary
Permanent Secretary Strategy & Implementation
Head Coordinator, Training Research and Consultancy
Director General, Training & Research
Director, CDRT
Director, Training & Development
Mobility & Performance Contracts
How is that working out for you?
Public Service Reform/renewal
Some recommendations
• Leadership training
• Mentoring
• Selection
• Career progression
Our response
• Executive Leadership
awards, working with the
individual through an initial
test followed by
• Mentoring & coaching
• Strategic Leadership award
• Psychometric/ability tests
• Portfolios, CPD record
• Skills inventory
• Competence-based training
Challenges Ahead
• Working with ministries
• Customised academic programmes
• Off-site University Campus
• Strengthening of Research facilities
Let’s hope so!
Thank You