Life in Nazi Germany - St. Roch's Secondary School

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Transcript Life in Nazi Germany - St. Roch's Secondary School

Life in Nazi
How did the Nazis win over the
German people?
Headings for your notes
Copy these into your jotters leaving 5 lines below each, for your notes.
FULL SENTENCES = Good practice!!
• The ‘carrot and the stick’
• The Leader Principle
• The SS
• The Gestapo
• Concentration camps
Hitlers speech to SA and SS
"SA and SS, Heil!
The great time has now begun. Germany is
now awakened. We have won power in
Germany. Now we must win over the German
I know, my comrades, it must have been
difficult at times, when you were desiring
change which didn't come, so time and time
again the appeal has to be made to continue
the struggle - you mustn't act yourself, you
must obey, you must give in, you must submit
to this overwhelming need to obey."
The ‘Carrot and the Stick’
• The Nazi’s used the Carrot and the stick principle to win over
the Nazi people
• Write three lined describing the cartoon. What does the donkey
• What does the stick represent, what does the carrot represent?
• Next lesson we will be looking at the benefits of the Nazi state –
the ‘carrot’.
• Ultimate Authority - Hitler
and filters downwards.
• Hitler had final say in key
areas: military operations,
domestic policy.
• The ‘will of the Fűhrer’ –
people did things because
they thought Hitler would
want those things to
A stick : The Schutzstaffel (SS)
• Led by Heinrich
• By 1933 numbered
• Main instrument of
internal rule – role in
night of Long
A stick : The Gestapo
• Became most feared branch of the SS.
• Big brother
• By 1940 there were 45,000 Gestapo
members and 160,000 informers.
• Rounded up opponents to Nazi Rule.
• Reputation as brutal interregators.
• After war Gestapo charged with crimes
against humanity at Nuremburg trials.
The ultimate stick
1. Why did the Nazis use a
carrot and stick policy?
2. Think about an
organisation you are part
of (e.g. club, school,
society). Draw a table of
carrot and stick methods
used to keep things
running smoothly.
3. Enquiry Skills Pg.59