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Transcript (Pt. 1, New Standards) - Session 5

Georgia Alternate Assessment
Overview of High School
Mathematics in 2014-2015 - Part 1
Session 5
Welcome to Session 5
High School Mathematics: Part One
This session will begin at 1:00 p.m.
The PowerPoint is located in the GAA Presentations Portlet at this location:
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2014-2015 GAA
• The 2014-2015 series of webinars (Sessions 1-8) serve
as introductory components for informing and training
system staff in the planning, implementation, and
submission of the GAA portfolios.
• Reading the 2014-2015 GAA Examiner’s Manual and
the materials provided through the webinar training is
necessary to understand the policies and procedures
required for the administration of the GAA.
2014-2015 GAA
• Additional sessions will be available for
more in-depth training on topics that will
assist test administrators.
• All presentations will be posted on the
GaDOE website at:
• http://www.gadoe.org/Curriculum-Instruction-andAssessment/Assessment/Pages/GAAPresentations.aspx
Presentations Portlet on GaDOE website
Overview of this Presentation
• This presentation will cover the following topics:
Administration and overview of new standards
Coordinate Algebra and Analytic Geometry
Score Interpretation and understanding Stages of
• It is designed to inform:
High School teachers who administer the GAA
Peer Reviewers and Designated Trainers
Special Education Directors
Test Coordinators
Building Administrators
• States must ensure that all students,
including students with significant cognitive
disabilities, have access to challenging
academic standards.
• The GAA ensures that all students have the
opportunity to learn.
• The GAA, designed with the assistance of Georgia general
and special educators, is a portfolio of original student
work that allows participants to showcase the
achievements and progress they have made in skills
aligned to the Georgia content standards.
• To document that progress, teachers collect student work
samples during two collection periods. The first collection
period provides evidence of the student’s entry-level
performance (initial/baseline performance of the skill).
The second collection period provides evidence of the
student’s achievement/progress to date.
• Georgia’s graduation rule (State Board Rule 160-4-2-.48) permits students
with significant cognitive disabilities to earn a regular education diploma
once specific requirements are met.
 One requirement is achieving a score of Established Progress or
Extending Progress on all sections of the High School GAA.
• The instructional program for students with significant cognitive
disabilities includes access courses that are aligned to the general
education courses associated with the End-of-Course Tests (EOCT).
 In this manner, the High School GAA serves as the alternate
assessment for the High School assessment program.
 The assessment shall be administered for the first time in grade 11 and
submitted for scoring in March.
• A total of eight entries are required in High School: two for English
Language Arts, two for Mathematics, two for Science, and two for Social
• In 2012–2013, Georgia began implementing the current
state-mandated content standards. The State Board of
Education adopted these standards in July of 2010.
• The GAA has reflected the current state-mandated
content standards since the fall of 2012. Georgia school
systems transitioned to these content standards in
English Language Arts (ELA) in Kindergarten through
grade 12, and in Mathematics in Kindergarten through
grade 9.
• In 2013–2014, schools expanded the transition in
Mathematics through grade 10. In 2014–2015, the
expansion will continue to grade 11. The content
standards selected for assessment on the GAA in
2014–2015 have been reviewed and approved by a
committee of Georgia educators.
• The high school Mathematics content standards have
been implemented by cohort, beginning with
students who were in 9th grade during the 2012–
2013 school year.
• In 2014–2015, the GAA Blueprint in High School Mathematics includes
the current content standards, as students will be assessed on these
standards for the first time.
• The content standards for Science and Social Studies will remain
unchanged for the 2014–2015 school year.
• A Blueprint for the current state-mandated content standards is
available both on the GaDOE Web site
(http://www.gadoe.org/Curriculum-Instruction-andAssessment/Assessment/Pages/GAA-Resources.aspx) and in Appendix
D of this manual.
• For more information on GaDOE’s transition to the current statemandated content standards, go to:
GAA Blueprint and
Portfolio Components
2014-2015 GAA
High School Mathematics Blueprint
• The Blueprint outlines the requirements of the
2014-2015 GAA for High School math.
• The Blueprint identifies the content standards that
are required and eligible for assessment on the GAA.
• The Blueprint, by grade, can be found in Appendix D
of the GAA Examiner’s Manual, 2014-2015.
• The Blueprint for High School retesters who are to be
assessed on the ELA and Math GPS can be found at:
Note: Do not use Blueprints from previous years!
Content Standards and
• The state’s content standards are the goals for
instruction, learning, and assessment in each of the
content areas.
• Elements/indicators are the specific concepts and
skills that make up the state’s content standards.
• The content standard and element/indicator
descriptions, by grade, can be found in Appendix E of
the GAA Examiner’s Manual, 2014-2015.
2014-2015 Blueprint
GAA Blueprint, cover page
2014-2015 Blueprint
High School Blueprint, Math
2014-2015 Blueprint
GAA Standards, cover page
2014-2015 Standards
GAA Standards, Coordinate Algebra
2014-2015 Standards
GAA Standards, Analytic Geometry
2014-2015 Standards
GAA Standards, Analytic Geometry - continued
Coordinate Algebra
• Algebra and Functions clusters
 Create equations that describe numbers or relationships.
 Solve equations and inequalities in one variable.
 Understand the concept of a function and use function
 Interpret functions that arise in applications in terms of
the context.
 Build a function that models a relationship between two
Coordinate Algebra
• Algebra Connections to Geometry cluster
 Experiment with transformations in the plane.
• Algebra Connections to Statistics and Probability
 Summarize, represent, and interpret data on a single
count or measurement variable.
 Summarize, represent, and interpret data on two
categorical and quantitative variables.
Analytic Geometry
• Geometry clusters
 Understand congruence in terms of rigid motions.
 Make geometric constructions.
 Understand similarity in terms of similarity
 Understand and apply theorems about circles.
 Explain volume formulas and use them to solve
Analytic Geometry
• Expressions, Equations, and Functions clusters
 Solve equations and inequalities in one variable.
 Interpret functions that arise in applications in terms of
the context.
• Statistics and Probability clusters
 Understand independence and conditional probability
and use them to interpret data.
 Use the rules of probability to compute probabilities of
compound events in a uniform probability model.
Score Interpretation
Score Interpretation (Grades K, 3-8)
Score Interpretation (High School)
Score Interpretation (High School)
Determining Stages of Progress
Contact Information
Questions About Test Administration
 Call:
GaDOE Assessment Administration Division
Toll free (800) 634-4106
 Contact: Deborah Houston, Assessment Specialist
(404) 657-0251
 Email:
[email protected]
Contact Information
For information about access to the state-mandated
content standards for students with significant
cognitive disabilities
 Contact: Kayse Harshaw
Division for Special Education Services
 Call:
(404) 463-5281
 E-Mail: [email protected]
Contact Information
Questions About Materials, Distribution, or Collection
 Call:
Questar’s GAA Customer Service
Toll free (866) 997-0698
 Email:
Questar’s GAA Customer Service
[email protected]
Questions & Answers
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Overview of High School
Mathematics in 2014-2015 - Part 2
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