Welcome to Fowler Middle School Boys Athletics Meeting

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Transcript Welcome to Fowler Middle School Boys Athletics Meeting

Welcome to Fowler Middle
School Boys Athletics 2014
Sports at Fowler
Athletic Paperwork
Expectations and Policies
Parent Information
Coach Dodson
Coach Singleton
Coach Do
Coach Hooker
Coach London
Coach Patterson
Sports Offered
Cross Country
NOT Tennis-Contact information will be on the
website soon
• Offseason is important!
• If you are not in a sport, it is expected that you
work in offseason to prepare for your next
• This will include speed, endurance, and weight
• Each athlete is expected to contribute in more
than one sport each year.
Program Goals
• Academics- The reason we are all here is to
prepare students with the best education
• Team First- To maintain a high level of success as
a team, players and coaches must place the team
before personal success. “I am one link in the
• Player Development- Prepare all student athletes
to be successful at the next level of competition.
• Have Fun!
Preparing for Liberty
• Students will be coached with Liberty’s scheme in
all sports.
• This will include–
Buzz words
• Also athletes will be introduced to the standards
and expectations for practice, games, classroom,
and in the community.
Goal Setting
• Athletes and Coaches will be asked to write
short term and long term goals.
• These goals will be used to write team goals.
• Goals allow students to set a vision for their
future and provide focus to their day to day
• All Goals will be kept where they are visible
daily to the writer.
Athletic Paperwork
• Forms : Filled out online. Physical and Medical
History should be printed, filled out, and
• Fowler Athletic Contract was e-mailed to
you…all we need is the signature page.
• All other forms are filled out online.
• Forms are due ASAP.
• Athletes may not participate until the
physical form is turned in.
• If you have questions about the online
paperwork, please stay after the meeting.
FISD Expectations and Policies
• Along with hair being in dress code, it must not
obstruct the athletes vision. (Helmets may cause
a need for a hair cut)
• No facial hair.
• ALL jewelry must be removed during athletics.
• Any tattoos must be covered.
• Athletes must uphold an image that
demonstrates positive leadership, character,
responsibility, and great competitive spirit.
• If a student misses a school game for a club game
then they will be suspended for the next school
Fowler Policies and Expectations
• Take pride in representing Fowler athletics at
all times.
• Remember that social media is part of your
representation of Fowler.
• Commit to the team and hard work. “Hard
work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work
• Remember athletics is a privilege.
• Each student must shower everyday after
• Staph (MRSA)
• Towels will be provided
• Student needs soap and shower shoes
• Laundry will be washed regularly
• No Sprays in locker room
• All injuries should be reported to your coach prior
to seeing the nurse.
• Parents are highly encouraged to take all injuries
to Liberty trainer first. Coach White
• If an injury is discovered at home please call or
email Coach Dodson.
• There is a difference between hurt and injured.
• If student requires taping or is wearing a brace,
coaches must be notified before practice.
Missing Practice
• If students need to leave practice, they must
have approval before the start of practice.
• If students are going to miss practice, they are
expected to call the school or get in contact
with their coach prior to the start of practice.
• Tutorials need to be completed after school.
• Missing practice means that some else is
preparing for the game in your spot.
Football Practice
• Doors will be open at 6:20.
• Students are expected to check equipment, get
dressed, complete their assigned task (carry
water, bags, etc.) and be on the field by 6:40.
• 6:40-6:50 will be specialty work-Punt, kick, etc.
• 6:50-7:00 will be warm up time
• At 7:00 we go to work.
• Subject to change at the time change.
• First four days must be with helmet only
• Students will be allowed to go to any position
they wish to play the first day. After day one,
students may be moved by coaches.
• “Remember you signed up for football not
• Any seventh grader that missing any practice
prior to the scrimmage will not be eligible for
the scrimmage (UIL Rule on Practice Days)
• Drink plenty of water before, during and after
practice. (Water will be available when not
involved in the drill)
• Concentrate and pay attention at all times to
practice. Mental reps are important and you
never know when a drill may come your way.
• Run during all transitions, this help to stay in
condition for play.
• All drills will be expected to be performed at
full speed, unless instructed other wise.
Football-Game Day
• Remember that violations of expectations may
result in lose of playing time and/or removal
from team.
• Game day Practice will start at 7:30.
• Students will be required to wear game day
dress during school.
– This consists of a school issued polo and nice
pants or slacks. (Possible Game Days Shirt)
– Shirt is to be tucked in with a belt.
Football-Game Day
• After school students will report to cafeteria.
• Students will get their meal-More to follow
• If tutorials are needed at this time, it will be
allowed with approval from coach and signed
note from teacher after tutorial.
• Students will be gathered in the locker room
before departure to game.
Football-Game Day
• The Black team’s game will start at 5:30.
• The Red team will arrive at about half time of the
Black game.
• They will cheer for the Black team until the
conclusion of their game.
• The Red team will begin shortly at the conclusion
of the first game, roughly 7:00.
• The Black team will return to school after the first
half of the Red game is complete. (FISD Policy)
• Sign outs are discouraged. (FISD Policy)
Day After Game
• Practice will begin at 7:30.
• Before school will consist of stretching and
recovery work.
• During the class period will consist of possible
film, board time, or walk through.
• Awards will be given at the end of the class
period on this day.
Parent Role in Athletics
• Support the Program
• Student Nutrition
– Hydration, good carbs, and avoiding items that will
negatively affect performance. (Energy Drinks)
• Coach Supporter
• Build your son up
• Volunteer if available
Parent Purchases
Game day attire-discussed earlier
Shower Shoes
Deodorant, soap, and shampoo
Tennis shoes-Offseason, rain days, weight
room, etc.
Parent Question and ConcernsWho do I ask?
Ask your son first, then
Ask your son’s coach, then
Ask the head coach, then
Ask the coordinator, then
Ask principal
Parent Questions
• We will not discuss anything at the conclusion
of a game. If important it can wait until the
next day.
• We will not discuss playing time.
• We will not discuss any other student but
yours during meetings.
• We will be fair but not always equal,
remember you may not have the whole story.
Volunteer Needs for Football
Chain Crew- Best seats in the House
Game Day Clock
7 on 7-Spring and Summer
Possible Film Recorder
Help monitor athletes
Meals on Game Day
• We want the parents to help with meals on
game day!
• Students enjoy seeing parents before a game
and knowing that you support them.
• Coaches will help a couple of volunteers in
setting up money collection and food delivery.
• Yes, several places will deliver the food for
Coach Dodson’s Contact information
• [email protected]
• Office Phone- 469-633-5081
• Remind 101-Once this is set up and email will
be sent to parents and students will be giving
the information.
Time to Go to Work
• 1st day of practice is at 4pm on August 25th
• First morning practice is the second day of
school, August 26th.
• Seventh Grade Scrimmage Sept. 10th
• Seventh Grade First Game Sept. 16th (Tues.)
• Eighth Grade First Game Sept. 15th (Mon.)