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State of the UI Psychiatry
Jimmy Potash, M.D., M.P.H.
Paul W. Penningroth Professor
Chair and DEO of Psychiatry
National rankings: top 20!
– #18 among ~125 med
• US News and World
– #19 among ~1,500
psychiatric hospitals
National leadership
– Susan Schultz
– Also Bill Coryell, Jane Paulsen
– Guide: Don Black
– Scott Stuart
Current research
• $24.8 M
– $14.8 M NIH
• 99 current grants
• 54 corresponding
author papers in
Major papers
• Jorge RE…Magnotta VA. White matter abnormalities in veterans
with mild traumatic brain injury. Am J Psychiatry. 2012
• Wassink TH…Andreasen NC. Influence of ZNF804a on brain
structure volumes and symptom severity in individuals with
schizophrenia. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 2012
• Tesla R…Pieper AA. Neuroprotective efficacy of aminopropyl
carbazoles in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012
• De Jesús-Cortés H…Pieper AA. Neuroprotective efficacy of
aminopropyl carbazoles in a mouse model of Parkinson disease.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2012
• Lee AS…Pieper AA, Rajadhyaksha AM. Forebrain elimination of
cacna1c mediates anxiety-like behavior in mice. Mol Psychiatry.
More major papers!
• Feinstein JS…Wemmie JA. Fear and panic in humans with
bilateral amygdala damage. Nat Neurosci. 2013
• Xu P…Lutter M, Pieper AA. Double deletion of
melanocortin 4 receptors and SAPAP3 corrects compulsive
behavior and obesity in mice. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A.
• Andreasen NC…Ho BC. Relapse duration, treatment
intensity, and brain tissue loss in schizophrenia: a
prospective longitudinal MRI study. Am J Psychiatry. 2013
• Tabrizi…Langbehn DR; TRACK-HD Investigators.
Predictors of phenotypic progression and disease onset in
premanifest and early-stage Huntington's disease in the
TRACK-HD study: analysis of 36-month observational data.
Lancet Neurol. 2013
Major new grants
• BC Ho
– R01: SZ and MJ brain
• Dan O’Leary
– R01: Binge drinking
brain imaging
• Jane Paulsen
– U01: Protein
biomarkers in HD
• Lilian Dindo
– K23: ACT for
depression and
• Scott Stuart
– R21: Optimizing IPT
New tenure-track faculty
• Andrew Pieper, MD,
• Shizhong Han, PhD
• Karin Hoth, PhD
• Jake Michaelson, PhD
• Sarah Tighe, MD
• Gen Shinozaki, MD
New clinical track faculty
Laura Fuller, PhD
Todd Kopelman, PhD
Jeff Jaeger, PhD
Ki Wan Nam, MD
Erin Perdock Martin,
• Jodi Tate
– Leading medical directors
setting goals across dept
– Leading EPIC, HBIPS,
Meaningful use, etc
• 3 new nurse case
managers for outpt
• New director for
psychosocial tx, Scott
• Tom Brashers-Krug new
inpt director at VA
• Child clinic: best in
Comprehensive care
• Get all caregivers on
same page for
comprehensive and
integrated approach
• Want different
disciplines speaking
same language
• We need to treat
the disease and the
Neurosciences clinic
• Neurology,
neurosurgery and
Mood disorders
• Will be together in
newly renovated
space, but delayed
Psych ER
• New space about
• 5 pt rooms and a
consult room
• More welcoming and
more appropriate for
long term stays
• Still need staffing
• Elaine Himadi
– Named "Consultant of
the Year” by
Emergency Medicine
Planning new inpatient space
Adult residency
• New associate
program director:
Nancy Williams
• Terrific new chief
residents: Abe
Assad, Kija Weldon,
Sarah Falcon
• Improvements in
Child residency
• Successful reviews
– 5 yr accreditation
• Peter Daniolos
• New associate
– Erin Perdock Martin
• New chief residents
– Jeniece Knott
– Amanda Elliot
Medical students
• Tony Miller: Medical
Education Celebration
Day teaching in
psychiatry award
• Jess Fiedorowicz: M4
Jr Faculty Yr Award
from CCOM Student
• 48 electives done by
26 students
• Eric Epping new codirector of Medicine
and Society
Health services team
• Dartmouth team, led by
Alison Lynch
• Focus on pts with ID
• Pts who stay longest often
those with ID for whom we
cannot find a place to
safely discharge them
• We need a plan to provide
care for these pts in a way
that makes a difference
Mental health services research
• How can better care be
delivered in a more
cost-effective way?
– Transitional Care Teams
• Carolyn Turvey, co-PI
• Aim to reduce readmissions by improving
communication between
UIHC inpt team and
providers in outlying
– Works in 9 counties
– 12% of pts redirected
by TCT team
intervention rather than
Faculty recruitment
• VA CADRE program recruiting someone
to work on mental health services
research and implementation
• Integration of psychiatric care into
primary care
• New endowed chair:
Carver Chair in
– $2,000,000
• Jane Paulsen
• Bob Robinson Fund
– $150,000
• Commitment from
Stolzfus family
– $100,000
• Neurosciences and
psychiatry a priority for
• # visits: 30,000
• # unique page views:
• Top pages
– Home page (8,208)
– Primary faculty page
– Residency (3,264)
– Parent-child interaction
home (2,047)
– Han Lab pages (1,607)
– HD home (1,135)
– Chair welcome (1,016)