Lesson 10 – Religious conflicts within families

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Transcript Lesson 10 – Religious conflicts within families

Learning Objectives
 All – List reasons why religion can cause
conflict within a family.
 Most – Explain how religion can cause conflict
within families and how religions respond to
these conflicts.
 Some- evaluate how effective religion can be in
solving family conflicts.
Grade C
You will be able to summarise
government actions to protect
human rights in the UK and explain
why human rights are important.
Grade B
You will be able to evaluate whether
HR should always be protected.
Grade A-A*
You will be able to express an opinion
on whether the Human Rights Act
should be abolished in the UK, as
well as understanding why some
people may have different opinions.
Do you think she was being selfish?
Do you think her parents acted in the right way?
Do you think did the right thing?
Why do families fight?
How might RELIGION cause family conflicts?
Are their
Conflicts can happen between families. They usually happen because of differing ideas, jealousy or the need to feel
respected or feared.
 Parents refusing to accept
child’s choice of partner.
 Siblings disagreeing.
 Child’s choice of career.
 Disputes over money, work,
relationships etc.
 Conflict over the contents of
Moral issues such as divorce,
cohabiting, abortion, etc.
Conflicts can be caused by religion; If family member breaks rules of their religion or wants to convert to another
 Children no longer wanting to follow their
parent’s religion. Parent’s see it as a duty and may
worry about future life choice and the afterlife for
their child (sin).
 Mixed faith marriages raises the issue of which
faith will children be raised in
 Children being more religious than their parents
cause parents to worry about fundamentalism.
 Living together (cohabiting), having a divorce or
abortion can cause issues.
 A family member’s choice of
Which of the problems can most easily be
solved? Which is the most difficult to solve?
Child converting to a different
Child becoming religious
Views about social behaviour such
as alcohol and hanging out with the
opposite sex
Moral issues such as cohabiting and
Job choice, such as soldier or
Choice of boyfriend or girlfriend or
raising children
Why might families argue about religion?
I don’t want my children to marry
someone who isn’t a Muslim or
convert to another religion
I’m worried that my children are
sinning – because they are going
against the Qur’an they might go to
hell 
My Children don’t respect me
& won’t go to Mosque – I have
failed in my role to raise them well
I am ashamed of my child because of their choices (e.g.
cohabiting, divorce, abortion, drinking, pre-marital sex).
 Religious responses
Christianity Teaches:
Parents should care for their
children – Old Testament
Children should honour
their Mother & Father – 10
“A rod and a reprimand impart wisdom, but
a child left undisciplined disgraces its
mother.” Proverbs
Islam Teaches:
No Child should cause
harm to their parents –
Parents should care for their
children – Qur’an
Muslims should obey their parents
even in adulthood and respect their
wisdom – Qur’an
Religious Responses:
 “Honour your Father & Mother” (Exodus 20:12)
 Do not “Provoke your children to anger”
(Ephesians 6:4)
 Equally, parents and children should not cause
harm in Islam.
 Muslims are called to obey their parents even
in adulthood – they should accept the authority
their wisdom and experience grants them.
 Both Christianity & Islam encourage mutual
GCSE Exam Question:
Explain why religion may be a source of
conflict within families? – Confused
Muslim teenager
Religion can cause conflict
GCSE RE Student
8 marks
Problem Page: What advice would you give?
I met Daniel about a year ago but I didn’t tell my parents
he is not a Muslim. Last week he asked me to marry him
but my parents said it will cause too many problems!
I’m so upset what should I do? – Suri
Dear Suri…
I think you should…
Exam Question:
d) “Religious Families should not argue.”
i) Do you agree?
Give reasons for your answer…
ii) Give reasons why some people
may disagree with you….
In your answer you should refer to at least one
Honouring parents
 http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningzone/clips/honou
 What is the source of conflict in this woman's
 Why is this a source of conflict?
 Can her religion help her overcome this
Respecting parent’s wishes
 http://www.truetube.co.uk/film/i-know-what-i-
 Write some advice to a family experiencing a
religious conflict
 Make sure your advice can give them hope for a
 Write some advice to a family experiencing a
religious conflict
 Make sure your advice can give them hope for a
 OR a quote about family conflicts…
 Students place their post-its on either agree
or disagree
Quiz or If this is the answer, what
is the question?
 Select 9 of the words
 Conflict, Upbringing, Partner, Priest, Honour,
Wisdom, Respect, Judge, Cohabiting, Atheist,
School, Career, Faith, Alcohol