Transcript Document

The Accreditation Café: Purpose
to describe how we can make the
process of accreditation stronger
and more vital for our institutions.
Process for the Café:
Each table = different question.
Begin at one table.
At the signal, unless you are a table
host, move to another table.
Process for the Café:
At the beginning of each round
volunteer to remain as a table host for
the following round.
One or two people should choose to
remain behind as table hosts.
As table host, you can choose to stay
for one or more rounds.
The table host:
The table host’s job is to fill
newcomers in on the conversation
that just transpired the round before.
Keep in mind:
Explore the questions at your tables.
Discover your ideas. Focus less on
All of your perspectives and ideas are
valuable. Listen to one another.
Use the markers to write on the table cloths
or on the pads. Jot down your ideas,
connections, discoveries and deeper
questions. Sketch your ideas. Draw them.
Imagine the best accreditation
process in the best of all
possible worlds:
In this world, how are Task Force institutions
identifying, partnering with, and maintaining
partnerships with high needs schools?
In the ideal world, what do the accreditors
assigned to the process come to your
institution knowing and believing about
inclusion and the standards for inclusion?
What does a perfect system for locating,
documenting, and sharing best practice,
assessment information, and general data
among institutions looks like?