Our Daily Servings: A Students’ Guide to the Food Guide

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Transcript Our Daily Servings: A Students’ Guide to the Food Guide

Our Daily Servings:
A Students’ Guide
to the
Food Guide Pyramid
Presentation By:
Stephanie Mannino
Family and Consumer
Sciences Department
Texas High School
•Developed by the USDA, also known as The United States
Department of Agriculture
Six Different Food Groups
Breads- The Base of the
• The largest recommended source of
nutrients throughout the day
• To get the daily fiber needed, choose several
whole grain products throughout the day.
• Other examples from this group?
Fruits - Natures’ Candy
• Two to four servings are recommended
• Choose whole fruits instead of juices
whenever possible-they are higher in fiber.
• Most fruit flavored drinks are full of sugars
and other added ingredients, rather than
being nutritious.
• Examples of fruit servings?
Pork - “The Other White
• Any red meat, fish, poultry or dry beans are
included in this group. One serving of meat
will generally fit in the palm of your hand.
• Always trim as much fat as possible.
• Choose to bake, broil or grill rather than
• Can you give other examples from this
•Spike Lee
•Dixie Chicks
•Rebecca Romain-Stamos
Dairy - “Got Milk?”
• Choose skim milk or lowfat yogurt often
because they contain less fat.
• 11/2 to 2 oz of cheese or 8 oz of yogurt are
both considered a serving from this group.
• Calcium from dairy helps to build strong
bones and avoid osteoporosis.
• Choose from a variety in order to get
different needed vitamins and minerals.
• Go easy on butters and other spreads
cooked with vegetables-They still count as
• Where can you get a V-8?
Fats- All that and a bag of
• Fats are often generously added to other
foods during preparation.
• Try using substitutes for butter, salad
dressing or salt.
• Sugar free or diet drinks can be substituted
for high calorie drinks.
• Are there any other ways to avoid a high fat