The 3 branches of government under the constitution

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Transcript The 3 branches of government under the constitution

The 3 branches of
government under the
constitution are like
By: Mackenzie Nunn
The Constitution is like the rules because the
Constitution sets the rules of the government
and the rules state what you can and can’t do
in volleyball.
The people are like the viewers because the
people have a say in the government and the
viewers have a say if they think there was a
bad call.
The executive branch is like the up ref because
the executive branch carries out the law and
the up ref carries out the rules.
The legislative branch is like the president of the
volleyball association because the legislative
branch makes the laws and the head of the
association makes the rules.
The judicial branch is like the line judges
because the judicial branch states if someone
did something wrong and the line judges
states if the play is over.
The president is like the coach because the
president runs the country and the coach runs
the team.
The Congress is like the team because the
congress works together to make laws and the
team works together to win the game.
The supreme court is like the down ref because
the supreme court has the final say in a case
like the down ref has the final say in who gets
the point.
Checks and Balances is like the players because
each branch of government has power of the
other one and each player has more power
than another player.
Separation of Powers is like the positions
because separation of powers divides into 3
branches and the players are divided into
different positions.
The constitutional convention is like the game
because the constitutional convention is when
everyone met to discuss what became a law
and the game is where the teams meet up to
James Madison is like the TASO president
because James Madison wrote the
constitution and the TASO president wrote the
George Washington is like the scouters because
when George Washington was commander of
the army he had to bring men into the army
and the scouters bring players into there
The Great Compromise is like the end of the
game because the Great Compromise is when
everyone came together and the end of the
game is when both teams come together and
high five.
The Articles of Confederation are like bad calls
because no one really liked the Articles of
Confederation and no one likes bad calls.