Transitioning Multicultural and First Generation Students from High

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Transcript Transitioning Multicultural and First Generation Students from High

Transitioning Multicultural and
First Generation Students from
High School to College
What is on the mind of a student of
– Common concerns of incoming students of color
Am I going to fit in?
What group will I fit in with?
Will my classes be hard?
Will I meet new people?
How do I get involved
Who do I talk to for help? Financial aid, support, etc.
Where do I get a haircut?
What’s the city like around campus? Is it safe?
Transportation? What if I don’t have a car?
• Places of worship
• Will I be accepted by my roommate because of my race?
Supporting MC students on campus through
programs, events, employment
• Supporting students of color is a part of
everyone's responsibility and NOT just the
diversity/multicultural office
• The campus must come together to show
support for the students
• Some key allies at Augustana College include
– Some key partnerships have been with
Admissions, Public Safety, Residence Life,
and Student Activities
Supporting MC students on campus
– Admissions
• They are actively looking for solutions not
– Discover Augustana
– Multicultural group visits with specific presenters
– Admissions Ambassadors
» Foreign language skills
» Intercultural skills
– Cultural Diversity Award
Supporting MC students on campus
– The Office of Multicultural Services
• Multicultural Orientation
– Athletic MCO
• Multicultural Parent Orientations
• Dinners
President Bahls and BSU
MC Group Leaders
Ethnic Group Leaders
Multicultural adviser dinners
» Group dinners & one on ones with adviser
Cultural Competance
• Improve multicultural competency
amongst all students
• MLK Event
• Our Lady of Guadalupe
– Culture Houses
– Honest Conversations
Highlights of the 2012 – 2013
academic year
• Our college was only 5% multicultural for many years but the
leaders of our college saw the opportunity and supported
increasing the diversity of the college
• Over the past few years 22% our incoming classes are students
of color
• Overall 16% of our students identify themselves as students of
• The 2012-2013 was the first year of SGA having a Black
President, who also ran un-opposed for the 2013-2014 year
• We had a Black Homecoming King and Queen this year
• Saw a major increase of students of color joining Greek
Highlights of the 2012 – 2013
academic year
• Latino and Black students are beginning to run for executive
offices in other groups on campus.
• Many of our students of color are feeling confident and
comfortable here which is leading them to new opportunities.
• Latinos Unidos increased their average attendance at
meetings from 10 people in 2010 and are at 35 consistent
members now.
• The Multicultural Orientation had over 70 participants up
from 45 in 2011 and doubled the 35 attendees in 2010.
• The Tribute to Our Lady of Guadalupe had over 800 people
attend also up from 500 in 2011.
• The MLK tribute has continued to bring in about 1000 guests
to Centennial Hall for the past few years.
Highlights of the 2012 – 2013
academic year
• Within the Office of Multicultural Services we have added
OMS SOUL (Sisterhood of Unique Ladies) and BOUG
(Brotherhood of Unique Gentleman) to support our Black
male and females on campus and to help create a pool of
students that may want to get involved with LOVE and/or
• We are informing our student workers of the importance of
healthy living through weekly emails
• Weekly diversity events for the campus
• Meeting with advisers to MC groups on a regular basis to
encourage more interaction between the groups and their
• Augustana College and having it named College of the Year by
the National Hispanic Institute.
Contact information
• Eric Rowell
– [email protected]
• Greg Aguilar
– [email protected]