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Transcript Rafael AZIZOV

Azerbaijan International Insurance Forum
June 20th-21st, 2013
Online insurance.
Today and tomorrow
Rafael Azizov, Buta Insurance
What pushed rising trend of online sales
Increasing of internet penetration
UK – 82%
US – 78%
Azerbaijan – 50%
Russia – 49%
Kazakhstan – 45%
Turkiye – 42%
Georgia – 37%
Ukraine – 31%
Source: International Telecommunications Union for 2011
Simple, Fast, Inexpensive & Comfortable Service
Progress in online payment systems
New Smartphone trend as a driver for mobile sales
Online insurance in the World
Online insurance in the Region
Online insurance in Azerbaijan. Where we stand
Azerbaijani insurers use the following online sub-channels:
1. Selling corporate website
2. Social Media
- Facebook
- LinkedIn
3. Partner internet resources
Selling website
Social Media as an online sales channel
Social Media is a great instrument for online insurance,
even if the insurer does not have the selling website.
Social Media – the best place to start!
To start the online selling on Facebook, the insurer need to increase:
- Target audience
- Interesting content
- Developing Facebook application integrated to the corporate website
or to partner platform
Facebook as an online sales channel
Partner internet resources. Avtosigorta.az
Avtosigorta.az – online motor insurance
Hesab.az simplifies the bill payment process
Auto.az – online car selling | Motor insurance
Amigo.az – online travel insurance
Future of online insurance. Mobile
Mobile-cellular penetration, 2013
Thank you for your attending!
Feel free to ask any
Rafael Azizov
Deputy CEO
Buta Insurance
[email protected]